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Scared NYPD Cops Ignoring Minor Crimes in Black Neighborhoods


Frightened New York Police Dept. (NYPD) cops are turning a blind eye to minor crimes committed in black neighborhoods.

The shook cops are fearful that they may be the next target of gunmen who believe they are avenging the deaths of unarmed black men.

An NYPD supervisor told The NY Post his cops are making fewer arrests as a result.

Police all over the country are nervous and jittery after 2 NYPD officers were shot and killed by Ismaaiyl Brinsley while they sat in their patrol car last week. Brinsley, who suffered from an undiagnosed mental disorder, then shot and killed himself.

“My guys are writing almost no summonses, and probably only making arrests when they have to — like when a store catches a shoplifter,” said the unnamed supervisor.

“I’m not writing any summonses. Do you think I’m going to stand there so someone can shoot me or hit me in the head with an ax?” a cop said Sunday.

“I’m concerned about my safety,” the cop added. “I want to go to home to my wife and kids.”

The police assassinations came 2 days after NYPD cops wore “I Can Breathe” t-shirts, mocking Eric Garner supporters who adopted his last words — “I can’t breathe” — as their rallying cry.

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NYPD turn their backs on deBlasio at cops funeral


The NYPD is pissed with New York’s mayor Bill de Blasio, after he expressed his shock and disgust that officer Daniel Paneleo was not indicted for the choke-hold death of Eric Garner. The officers gripe is that Mayor deBlasio didn’t support their position but instead incited a hostile environment and fuel for protesters. Their outrage is even calling for de Blasio’s resignation.  

de Blasio made his comments in the aftermath of the deaths of black men, including Eric Garner and Michael Brown, at the hands of white police officers. Neither of the officers involved were charged.

‘It is our opinion that Mayor de Blasio’s dangerous and irresponsible comments about his and his wife’s concern for their son’s safety at the hands of the NYPD fueled the flames that led to civil unrest, and potentially to the deaths of PO Wenjian Liu and PO Rafael Ramos, as well as the continued threats against NYPD personnel.’

The Mayor shows us no respect, and encourages the public to follow his lead.’

But c’mon now, did Mayor de Blasio really fuel the flames for these peaceful protest or are NYPD officers just upset because the current movements by protesters throughout the country are shining a big fat light on corrupt police officers everywhere? Just like I don’t believe that de Blasio, the protectors or any other person excising their free right to protest are responsible for the assassination of the two police officers in Brooklyn. The act of one cannot speak for the action of all.

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NYPD Cop Selling T-Shirts That Say, ‘Breathe Easy, Don’t Break the Law’…Wow!


A member of the much-corrupt New York Police Department is responding to the ongoing protests against police shootings of unarmed black men. The cop is snubbing protestors by selling t-shirts that read: “Breathe Easy, Don’t Break the Law” — a mocking spin on Eric Garner’s dying words, “I Can’t Breathe”. Garner is the NY man who was choked to death by a NYPD cop who put him in an illegal chokehold.

The NYPD is a bit salty over the heat and backlash they’ve gotten since officer Daniel Pantaleo was not indicted for killing Garner.

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“No Indictment in Eric Gardner case”


Yesterday a Staten Island grand jury decided “NOT” to indict police office Daniel Pantaeleo in the choke hold death of Eric Garner. What is shocking to most, is that we all saw the same video and witnessed Garner dying on a sidewalk right before our very eyes.

This New York grand jury’s decision comes just 2 weeks off the heels of another grand jury’s decision not to indict officer Darren Wilson in the killing of Mike Brown in Ferguson, MO. This sends a clear message to people of color everywhere that police officers are not indicted for taking the lives of black men and young black boys in this country.

Protestors quickly took to the streets of New York blocking traffic in Times Square, Union Square, Battery Park, Henry Hudson Parkway, while lying down in Grand Central Station just in time for rush hour commuters.  


The scenarios are all to familiar and somewhat the same however, let’s take a look at the high profile police shootings in this country to date. These are just some injustices, as I’m sure there are many we are not aware of:

  1. John Crawford in Beavercreek, Ohio killed in a Walmart because he was holding a fake gun.
  2. Tamir Rice a 12 year old who was fatally shot by a rookie police officer Tim Loehman playing with a fake gun in a park.
  3. Sean Bell shot and killed on November 26, 2006 leaving his bachelor party at a Queens bar in New York.
  4. Amadou Diallo shot and killed in a hail of 19 of 41 bullets outside his Bronx apartment on February 4, 1999.
  5. Trayvon Martin, 17 year old, shot, killed and pursued by a Florida neighborhood watchman on February 26, 2012 because he was judged as a “young thug” because he was wearing a hoodie.
  6. Oscar Grant III, shot and killed by a BART police officer in Oakland, CA on New Years Eve 2009.
  7. Michael Brown shot and killed August 9, 2014 in Ferguson, MO by police officer Darren Wilson.
  8. Eric Garner, the 43 year old, Staten Island father of 6, died in an illegal choke-hold.

This list is sad but alarming, for we will never have peace when justice is DENIED.


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Rev. Al Sharpton displayed as N.Y.P.D. commissioner in fake police ID

Police Commissioner Sharpton? Cops have passed around the fake ID and posted it on Twitter.

Seems the New York City police are UPSET since the Eric Garner choke-hold death on July 27th.

They are so PISSED at the Rev. Al’s involvement that they’ve created a mock-up Police Department ID card featuring a picture of the Rev. under the title “Police Commissioner”. The fake ID has been making its rounds among city cops.

Apparently cops are MAD because of what they perceive as the civil rights activist’s sway over the mayor in the wake of Eric Garner’s death, so they have shared this fake ID in an email and also posted it on Twitter.

The fake card, mimics standard N.Y.P.D. ID and bears a picture of Sharpton underneath the top cop title and police seal.

The cops are extremely peeved because Sharpton, who we all know is the head of National Action Network, took Mayor De Blasio and real-life Police Commissioner Bill Bratton to task during a City Hall summit after Garner’s choke-hold death on July 27.

In addition, the friend of Eric Garner who made the video of Garner’s death known by giving the video to media outlets and exposing a failed attempted cover-up, has since been arrested on gun charges. Coincidence? I think NOT, especially since the gentlemen says, “The cops have been following him every since the incident” 

Eric Garner’s death has since been ruled a homicide and Officer Daniel Pantaleo, who is accused of using the banned choke-hold on the 43-year-old father of six, has been stripped of his gun and badge and put on desk duty pending an investigation.