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ObamaCare Operator FIRED for Speaking With Sean Hannity and Talking Shit about ObamaCare!

Sean Hannity and President Obama

The ObamaCare hotline operator who spoke with FOX news host (NOT CNN as corrected by a phone call from Cyrus Webb) Sean Hannity about the problems plagued by the ObamaCare website was fired from her job.

In response to the negative press about problems accessing his website, President Obama gave out a toll-free number to buy health insurance.

Hannity called the 800 number and spoke with operator Earline Davis during his live radio show on Monday. Ms. Davis was very helpful and answered all of Hannity’s probing questions. She even read the script that she and other operators were told to tell callers.

When Hannity asked Davis what callers were saying about the website, Davis said the callers didn’t like the website.

Davis was fired the next day. She is a single mother with a 9-year-old daughter and a 3-year-old son to support.

After hearing of Davis’ wrongful termination, Hannity paid her salary for a full year ($26,000) AND he found her a better job. Hannity “gifted” the money to Davis and one of her kids so she wouldn’t have to pay taxes on the money.

“I thank God for you and your producers,” said an emotional Davis.

Of course Sean Hannity had to RIGHT the wrong of this girl being fired because they hate President Obama.