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What is going on with Whitney Houston’s daughter?

Bobby Kirs

The recently married Bobbi Kristina looks to be spiraling down the same ill-fated road her mother Whitney traveled. And with a boat load of money, a rebellious attitude and no solid foundation to stand on, who’s going to save her? Where are these people in her life that should care enough about her to intervene? To ensure history does not repeat itself.

I really didn’t want to talk about this however, it’s obvious Whitney Houston’s only child by R&B singer Bobby Brown is strung out on drugs. I believe Bobbi Christina and her mom got high together which is why she was taught to keep her mother’s secret, later known to the world. This is why Bobbi Kristina doesn’t have a strong relationship with her only living grandmother, Cissy Houston.

The adversary is real people and without spiritual knowledge and intervention, he will take out an entire family. At this point this child is beyond prayer, her appearance alone is a call for action!


“Lindsay Lohan Looked Toe Down When She Walked The Red Carpet”

Lindsay Lohan was spotted on the red carpet during the THQ launch of their new video game ‘Saints Row: The Third’, in Los Angeles last week. But what in the world was going on with her teeth and hands? LoLo’s teeth were stained yellow as if she had been chewing on pumpkin seeds all day.

A dental expert has told that Lohan’s tooth decay has most likely come from “smoking and drug use.”

Lindsay has been in rehab six times for treatment of her drug and alcohol abuse, and was released in January from her court appointed stint in the Betty Ford Center. Friends of the troubled starlet told they would like to see her enter rehab again “to treat her substance abuse problems once and for all.”


“Well The Devil Finally Killed Her” RIP: Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse’s family, said the singer/songwriter’s death was not unexpected. It was “only a matter of time,” her mother, Janis Winehouse, was quoted as saying in the Sunday Mirror.

The singer’s body was found by British police yesterday around 8 p.m. London time after being called by ambulance services. Winehouse battled drug and alcohol addictions following the 2003 debut of her critically acclaimed album, Frank. Her follow-up album, Back To Black, garnered 5 Grammy awards.

Amy’s father Mitch Winehouse, had been vocal in the past about his daughter’s substance abuse, he talked about her possible demise just three years ago. “Doctors have told her if she goes back to smoking drugs, it won’t just ruin her voice, it will kill her,” Amy’s father was quoted as saying in 2008, while issuing an ultimatum to drug dealers to stay away.

Amy Winehouse now joins the list of other famous members of the so-called “27 Club” who all died at the age of 27—including Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, and Janis Joplin. These singers all believed that artistic genius can coexist with or even be aided by addiction.


“Whitney Houston Begins Drug Rehab”

Kristen Foster, a representative for Whitney Houston said that, the R&B singer voluntarily entered an out-patient rehab program for drug and alcohol treatment today, a program to support her long-standing recovery process.

No details about the treatment, or what led to the singer’s decision to start the program, were released.

Let’s wish my girl Whitney the best and pray for her on her quest for sobriety.