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Double XXposure CEO, Angelo Ellerbee on “Conversations Of A Sistah”

9af2625e-3733-4ea6-a780-4c3bf7cc649dAngelo Ellerbee, Public Relations Guru, CEO and Founder of Double XXposure Media Group, has written an important story, not just about the entertainment industry then and now but about the socio-cultural backdrop of significant music eras. This book is a glimpses of him as a black, gay artist/activist in the turbulent 60’s & 70’s, as well as him earning the moniker “The Henry Higgins of Hip Hop” while navigating the tough rap genre throughout the 80’s-90’s and beyond. All while learning his craft and meeting the industry’s who’s who from the inside out.

Ellerbee has styled diva’s from Roberta Flack to Nina Simone, and his work has been displayed in publications such as Vogue Magazine, Essence Magazine, Women’s Wear Daily and Ebony Man.

Tune in tonight on “Conversations Of A Sistah” via blog talk radio, as I sit down with this PR genius to talk about his new radio show and his new memoir “Ask Angelo“. As Mr. Ellerbee explains everything from his tenets of artist development; to why having a seasoned ‘OG’ who has been around the block on your team is a wiser choice.

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Conversations Of A Sistah, News, Tracy L. Bell, Tracy L. Bell - Blog Talk Radio

Double XXposure Media Relations Host Classy Event For Katrina Walker



I attended an event a couple of weeks ago in honor a “Conversations Of A Sistah” guest, Katrina Walker.

The upscale “Meet and Greet” event was hosted by Double XXposure Media Relations, whose Founder, President and Ceo Mr. Angelo Ellerbee, exudes his presentation with class, elegance and a high sense of professionalism. In looking at Mr. Ellerbee and watching him work a room, you can sense that he’s graced the runway at some point in his career; with his slender frame and fashion style. He has styled divas from Roberta Flack to Nina Simone and his work has been displayed in publications such as Vogue Magazine, Essence, Women’s Wear Daily and Ebony Man.

Oh my god but I forgot, this post is not totally about Mr. Ellerbee in its entirety, it’s about the event he and his staff hosted.

The private soirée was held at Mr. Chow’s East side classic eatery on 57th Street in NYC. The restaurant is famous for hosting some of New York’s most exciting and important parties. Dubbed by Forbes Magazine for its “great food, elegant setting and fabulous Chinese fare”, Mr. Chow’s is known for hosting elegant events for museums, artists and fashion houses.

Kartrina Walker was highlighted on “Conversations Of A Sistah” for the first time in August of this year and returned on October 26th. Ms. Walker is an avid entrepreneur and self-made multimillionaire who has turned her story from victim to victor in her survival of domestic violence. Katrina is a beautiful woman, with a contagious personality and it was a pleasure to meet her and her husband.

Also in attendance was other notables such as; Ramona Maben of the Harlem Times, Audrey J. Bernard from The New York Beacon, Florence Anthony (Known as Flo) of Dottie-Media Group LLC. Oh and a special guest appearance by The Reverend Al Sharpton.

Katrina & Husband, Al Sharpton & Angelo Ellerbee

Look for Katrina Walker’s book “Down Home Truths” coming soon.