Disneyland Brawl is a straight DISGRACE!!!

A brawl erupted in Disneyland in California between two couples and not only caused a scene but children can be heard crying and screaming as the couples disgraced themselves in the middle of the theme park.

Disturbing video recorded at Disneyland on Saturday shows a violent brawl between a man, at least two morbidly obese women, and others.

The video, dated July 6, shows a man boxing with a woman while park guests grab their children and flee the scene of the melee. One of the men can be heard heard saying: “I’m ready to go to jail tonight”

Another man tried to intervene to stop the altercation. But the warring couple continued to fight.

The combatants included a disabled woman who fell out of her motorized chair and lay on the ground as the chaos continued around her.

Disneyland officials released a statement after the video went viral on Monday.

We do not condone this behavior,” the statement reads.


Two Women Fight In Courtroom Brawl…What a disgrace!!!

Plaintiff Niyata Brown had a protection order against Jessica Keys, alleging several acts of harassment. But after a hearing on February 24th, Judge William C. Marietti found insufficient evidence to continue the protection order, terminated it and as you will see the fight was “on” afterwards.

This video is such an embarrassment and a disgrace, the two young women act like savage beast. The reason for the violent behavior and/or harassment is not known or mentioned.