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NY Mayor De Blasio OK’s Rabbi’s Bizarre Circumcision Ritual


NY Mayor Bill De Blasio made good on a campaign promise to NY’s Jewish leaders allowing rabbis to continue a bizarre circumcision ritual that caused 16 cases of Herpes infection in baby boys.

The ritual, called Metzitzah B’Peh, involves a rabbi — called a “mohel” — performing circumcisions on a baby boy, then using their mouths to suck the blood from the baby’s penis.

NY health officials say 2 of the 16 babies died from complications caused by Herpes, and 2 more boys suffered brain damage.

During his campaign, De Blasio promised to lift a regulation that required parents to sign a form giving their mohel permission to perform the ritual circumcision. But Jewish leaders decried the regulation as an affront to their religion.

According to The New York Observer, only one family turned in a form to the health department since the regulation was put into place.