Ciara, Russell Wilson and Baby Future went nude for a sweet but weird maternity photo

Nude maternity photo shoots have been the rage since Demi Moore’s Vanity Fair cover ages ago.

Ciara added that twist by bringing Russell Wilson and Baby Future to a shoot she did for Harper’s Bazaar. The photo shows Ciara holding her son while Wilson kneels behind her with his hands on her pregnant belly.

It’s a touching pose but also weird and confusing. There are a lot of hands here and it took me way too long to figure out what exactly was going on. Having Wilson hide behind her like that may not have been the best artistic choice.

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Ladies NEVER LOVE a man ‘MORE’ than he LOVES you!

Ciara and Future

A woman should never play all of her cards in one hand by loving a man MORE than he loves her. If it’s the man who shall “findeth a wife” and she’s supposed to be his good thing, then why are some woman so desperately pulling out all of her stocks with public displays of adoration?

Like for example, Singer Ciara who is totally head over heels in Love with her baby daddy, rapper, Future Hendrix. The pair recently got engaged and Ciara took to her Instagram account yesterday to express just how much she Loves her man.

Ciara and Future

However, Future (the love of Ciara’s life), has 5 or 6 babies by 3 or 4 other women. This busy rapper doesn’t seem to be as infatuated with Ciara as she is with him. Body language is everything. And Future looks like he’s already feeling the pressure of remaining faithful to just one woman.

When a woman is more into a man, than he is into her, he will no doubt hurt her in the end.