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Celebrity Kids: Charlize Theron and son Jackson

Actress Charlize Theron is seen visiting the Federal Building in Los Angeles with her adopted son Jackson Theron in tow. The 6-year-old boy wore a cute onesie and his hair in braids with colorful beads. Charlize love to dote this little boy dressed like a girl for the camera.

I wonder if young Jackson knows that he is a boy, as he often looks confused since he may prefers stereotypical feminine attire. Charlize also has an adopted daughter, August.

Celebrity Kids

Celebrity Kids: Charlize Theron and Son Jackson Theron

Why is Charlize Theron dressing her adopted son like a girl? Paparazzi images of Charlize and her son Jackson Theron sparked outrage when the images were posted on March 20th. The photos show 6-year-old Jackson wearing a schoolgirl uniform with his short hair held by a blue headband. People are outraged that Charlize for emasculating Jackson.

The images are disturbing. What parent in their right mind would dress their son like a little girl? No one knows what’s going on behind closed doors in the Theron household, but in a recent interview with ELLE magazine, Charlize referred to her mother as a “bitch,” and her adopted children as “little assholes”.

Why adopt children to abuse them? African America children at that…