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Making His Dreams B.I.G. in History! Tonight on “Conversations Of A Sistah”


The celebration of Black History month, is a celebration in saluting the efforts of great African American pioneers of our time. We all have something to contribute in history with our God given talents and abilities, having such recognitions being saluted across the board. From community activist, to gymnast, from poets to authors the coalition of talents are endless.

Take a journey with me this month as I celebrate our history with great diversity, by highlighting those talented individuals making history for this time.

Join me tonight at 8:00 PM on “Conversations Of A Sistah” via “Conversations Live” with my very special guest, southern rapper Guttamane (pictured above), whose real name is David Lee Myers Jr. a native of Camden, Mississippi. A talented rapper who against all odds are making his “Dreams B.I.G” at this time in history.

Tune in with me tonight, as I speak with Guttamane and dig into his culture of rap, how its music and lyrics will take its place in history and the primary message it sends to future generations.

In the meantime sample his music below and follow the link to access tonight’s show!