“Martin L. King Statue Unveiled in Washington, DC Today”

A stone sculpture honoring the late civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. was unveiled on the National Mall in Washington D.C. today.

The gigantic ‘Stone of Hope’ sculpture of King was created by Chinese artist Lei Yixin. The statue was erected near the George Washington Monument at the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial. The memorial is the first on the National Mall to honor an African-American man and the first to honor a person who did not serve as president.

Engraved on one side of the statue are the words “OUT OF THE MOUNTAIN OF DESPAIR: A STONE OF HOPE.”

Tears come to my eyes every time the commercial is shown on television with mention of “the table of brotherhood” set across the United States speaking toward hope for equality.

The dedication of King’s memorial will take place on August 28; marking the 48th anniversary of King’s historic “I have a dream” speech.

Sorry loyal CEO reader Nicole, no Kim Hodashian wedding posts here!


“This African American Pioneer Knows Luxury”

And she exemplifies and defines her business attributes with much delight.

Cherina Hamilton (pictured above), is creator and proprietor, of New York Luxuries; an online candle based business she launched a little over a  year ago. Ms. Hamilton is into creating candles used of her own impressions and customized to your needs and like.

Below is the candle I received from New Luxuries for Christmas and not only is it made in many shades of my favorite color (purple), but it smells divine. The candle is so beautiful and smells so good, I don’t want to burn it.

New York Luxuries has many fragrances that are custom-made, you pick the scents and the colors; and the candle will be created to your liking.

Cherina’s personalized candles and business motto is “For Diva’s Who Love To Be Pampered“. 

Be patient with this new entrepreneur as she is still working out the shipping details of her goods.

To learn more about “New York Luxuries” follow their link, which has been added to my “list of favorites” on this web-blog or you can visit her Facebook website right here!!!

Cherina Hamilton is also apart of the CEO’s Blogging community., so please join me in saluting her business “New York Luxuries” as defining today’s modern-day creator and a unique African-American pioneer!

Let’s wish her much success!


“The Shirelles Will Be A Broadway Musical”

The upcoming Broadway musical about the Shirelles, entitled “Baby, it’s you,” has chosen its cast for the upcoming run.

The Shirelles, a female group from Passaic, New Jersey, rose to global stardom beginning in 1958.

The broadway show will focus on Florence Greenberg, a Passaic housewife who listened to four of her daughter’s classmates sing at a Passaic High School talent night.

The musical will include 15 Broadway veterans in the cast, along with an energetic orchestra that will bring back to life the string of tuneful hits that made the female group from Passaic, New Jersey so famous.

Previews of the show will begin on March 26 at the Broadhurst Theater, and the show opens April 27.



“This AA Pioneer Is Today’s Mr. Fashionista”

His name is Ira J. Perry, a stylist and the real definition of today’s fashionista.

Ira’s motto, which is one that he lives by, and that is “I am fashion”

“I really like connecting to people through clothing” Ira said during our phone conversation, “doctors do it by being hands on, some artist do it through song but for me it’s all about your wardrobe”.

“Wardrobe-ing someone through clothing is my thing because I have an eye for detail.” “Fashion is my life, my love and my passion.”

Ira works with both men and women within his clientele and as a straight man, he can appreciate styling both sexes however he said “He can always appreciate seeing a well-dressed sexy woman.”

Mr. Perry gravitated toward fashion because, fashion was his environment growing up as a kid.

We came from a well dressed family; which is why Ira can appreciate fashion and style.  

Mr. Fashionista is not only my cousin and my heart, but he drove his fashion point home, when he reminded me why, we love the movie “Mahogany” so much and how Diana Ross’ fashion was so on point! 

He talked about the fashion in that movie, particularly the scene when Tracy Chambers (Diana Ross’ character), walked into that fashion agency wearing the flared fitted dress, with the cape and wide brim hat; carrying a clutch wearing the pumps to match.

We both agreed, fashion such as Diana Ross’ wardrobe in Mahogany, may only be found today in thrift shops. Ira knows this, because he thrift shop (s) as often as he can.

Currently working in a corporate setting as a fashion consultant, Ira is based in New York city and affiliated with the Thomas Faison Agency.

He has previously worked with individuals such as, “Kiss the DJ”, “Master of the mix”, a recent reality series and many other high-end associates.

You can read more about Ira’s work and his creativity at his blogspots here and the morning dish – Both sites have been added to this forum.

Please join me in saluting, Ira Jacques Perry, as a modern-day pioneer and today’s fashionista!


“The Name Of Her Business Is”

Cynsible Creations, the proprietor’s name is ‘Cynthia Edwards’ and she’s doing great things!!!! Pictured above is one of her many fleece hats that I ordered/purchased, it’s called the Valentine Love Polar Fleece“.

<<<—Cynthia is a former native of my hometown Passaic, NJ and our families lived on the same block. Miss Edwards always had a love for sewing and fashion. Her business is a collection of her handmade fashions and crafts.

Cynthia’s motto is “It’s for the Fun, the Funky & the Fashionable.”

Below is another one of her fashion pieces “The Sassy Day Apron” (I like this one)…it’s 100% cotton, distinct and creative. I think the ruffles are cute and the style very flattering.

I love Cynthia’s style and admire her creativity.

You can check out more of Cynthia’s fashions at the ‘Cynsible Creations’ boutique or by clicking here! Cynsible Creations has also been added to the Ceo’s blogroll of favorites.

Let’s applaud Cynthia for being an African American pioneer, in her field of expertise~

While we should always support black businesses, lets especially do so during black history month…