Anniversary, Conversations Of A Sistah

“Conversations Of A Sistah” Celebrates “6” Years on the air!!! #contestalert

Happy Anniversary to “Conversations Of A Sistah“!!

September 25th commemorates our 6th-year on the air since joining the blog talk radio arena.

As many of you know, the blog talk radio show derived from the title of my autobiography “Conversations Of A Sistah” with Mr. Cyrus Webb of “Conversations Live” as the brain child behind the idea. Since branching off on our own we’ve been gifted with the ability to be creative in our form and a bit more radical with our topic of conversations.

From day 1, my goal was to have bold conversations with true experiences and everyday occurrences, while creating a place and a platform for current conversations.

Today September 25th marks our 6th year Anniversary on the air!!!!!!!

Conversations Of A Sistah first aired on September 25, 2012. And for the first “6” bloggers/and or listeners who can tell me my first “6” show topics in September of that year… will win a free copy of my book “Conversations of A Sistah”

All winners will be announced via this blog on Friday September 28, 2018.

Happy Anniversary to us and “thank you” as always for supporting the show!!!


“Happy Anniversary To The Happy Couple”

Lamar Odom and his lovely wife, Kootie I mean Khloe Kardashian, celebrated one year of marital bliss; as they renewed their wedding vows at the Beverly Hills home were the couple wed last year.

The ceremony was Odom’s surprise to Khloe, as she was led blindfolded to the event, wearing a short white dress and carrying white roses, reminiscent of their Sept. 27 wedding last year.

“I can’t believe it has ONLY been a year,” Khloe shared on her website. “My life has changed so much and I as a person have changed even more. I have never been happier, never been so at peace, never been so in love.”

She continued, “I am a better person because of Lamar. I laugh constantly! He brings so much laughter, happiness and fun to my life yet he also keeps me calm and grounded.”

She concluded her virtual love letter with the hopeful exclamation, “I can’t wait for our 80th wedding anniversary!”

Aw how special…