Suicidal Pilot Locked Co-pilot Out of Cockpit


A suicidal pilot purposely locked his copilot out of the cockpit of the doomed Germanwings airliner that crashed into the French Alps killing 150 on board.

An investigator who heard the cockpit recording that was recovered from the crash site on Tuesday told the NY Times that one of the 2 pilots flying the Germanwings airliner was locked out of the cockpit and couldn’t get back in.

The official said the pilot may have left the cockpit for a bathroom break and was locked out per airline policy to prevent cockpit intrusion by terrorists.

Airline policy calls for the pilot flying the plane to let the other pilot back in. But that didn’t happen in the case of the doomed Germanwings airliner.

After the pilot was locked out of the cockpit, the plane began a controlled descent from 38,000 feet to about 6,000 feet in 8 minutes.

In that time the 2nd pilot can be heard banging on the cockpit door and even trying to break the door down.

A senior military official involved in the investigation described “very smooth, very cool” conversation between the pilots during the early part of the flight from Barcelona to Düsseldorf. Then the audio indicated that one of the pilots left the cockpit and could not re-enter.

“The guy outside is knocking lightly on the door and there is no answer,” the investigator said. “And then he hits the door stronger and no answer. There is never an answer.”

He said, “You can hear he is trying to smash the door down.” Source


“Whitney Houston Got Diva-ish On A Delta Flight To Detroit Yesterday”

The R&B singer got funky with flight attendants on a Delta flight out of Atlanta, GA., yesterday when she was asked to buckle up before take-off.

It was like Whitney ignored them, which ultimately held up the flight. Another crew member came over and warned Houston that if she didn’t buckle up, she would have to get off the plane.

Whitney eventually allowed one of the crew members to grab the buckle and fasten her seatbelt for her, before the plane was then cleared for takeoff.

Sources said, “Whitney was pissed because she had missed an earlier flight and was on her way to Detroit for her first day of shooting a new movie.”


“Are They Too Touchy Feel-y??”

TSA agents are under intense scrutiny regarding their security rules, which include; being hand frisked along with a full-body pat-down, for passengers traveling who set off airport radars at security checkpoints.

The Transportation Security Administration, has set some security standards that must be followed and this includes; the use of enhanced pat-downs and imaging technology, if installed at all large metro area airports.

However, some airports, are fed up with the poor service in a climate where travelers are outraged about the prospect of full-body scanners. Some travelers feel their privacy will be violated because these X-ray scanners will be able to see right through clothes.

I had to have a full body scan and pat-down when I traveled recently. The person I was traveling with, insisted a female agent assist me and not a male. Not only was the TSA agent a female and accommodating but she was professional and directing in doing her job as well.

How do you feel “CEO Fam” about full-body pat-downs and scans?