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His Life in the Rearview, tonight April 30…on “Conversations Of A Sistah”

back_of_book (1)He was a teacher for thirteen (13) years and a diligent varsity basketball coach in his prime, taking his team to its first Group State Championship at the school since 1929. Changing the presentation of his players to a professional platform by building a strong self-esteem, he exuded their confidence by having them wear suits and ties at all of their away games.

Not just concerned about their playing skills, abilities and talents but he was also an advocate for their education; having placed 48 out of 56 of his seniors in college during his coaching tenure at Passaic High School in Passaic, New Jersey.

A “Hands on” father with a twenty (20) year old son in college and a three time recipient of “Coach of the year“, Marshall Grier (pictured above), is a coveted street-ball player in virtually every basketball Pro-Am tournament in the Tri-State area with Prime-time.

Join me tonight on “Conversations Of A Sistah” via “Conversations Live” as I’m excited about talking to this son, brother, husband, father of one and friend, as we address his newly released memoir “IN THE REAR-VIEW: MY LIFE NOT YOURS“. A book that chronicles interesting stories of his life and the various obstacles and transitions he’s made into adult hood.

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The 5th man in the Eddie Long sex scandal…Tonight on “Conversations Of A Sistah”


One of the accusers, who were involved in the Bishop Eddie Long sex scandal, published a new book that details their alleged abusive relationship.

Centino Kemp (pictured above), is one of the five accusers who claims Long, an Atlanta-based mega church bishop, had an abusive gay relationship with him when he was a teenager.

The five accusers and Long, who has denied the allegations, settled out of court but Kemp decided to speak out in his new book “First Lady” which was co-written by T. Benson Glover. The tell-all biography is currently Amazon’s eight most popular non-fiction book for Kindle, the websites’ e-reading device.

Kemp, 22, was not a member of the New Birth Missionary Baptist Church, which Long headed in Atlanta, nor was he on any of the lawsuits against the bishop.

Aside from the scandal, he was born on May 7, 1989 in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and raised in the Bahamas. Kemp is known for being a promiscuous character and has appeared in several minor film roles and leading roles in dramatic plays such as; ‘Why do fools fall in love’, ‘Dear Liza’, ‘AIDS’ and ‘Don’t be stupid’ in the Bahamas. Centino is one of the most determined, original, genuine and talented young men to hail from the Bahamas.

Tune in tonight at 8:00 P.M. on “Conversations of A Sistah” via “Conversations Live” as my special guest Centino Kemp discusses his book and his alleged affair with Eddie Long.

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Stevie Wonder disses Beyonce and her hubby Rapper Jay Z


Stevie Wonder who contributed an intricate part in his champion efforts to implement Martin Luther King’s holiday as a national observance in the United States, said in a recent interview that “Jay Z and Beyoncé are not actively involved in the struggles of social change

The world-renowned artist sat down with TV One’s Roland Martin in a recent interview and said, he has a problem with the fact that Jay Z could be doing more to promote and implement social change through his platform and influence but he’s NOT!

Wonder who is also noted for his work as an activist on various political causes, said he “has a problem with Jay Z’s silence on several social issues and “when you have a problem with someone, you call them out on it” wonder concluded.

Stevie Wonder knows that Jay Z and his glorified studio singing wife Beyoncé are self-centered entertainers who are all for and into themselves. A narcissistic couple who are not into public service and being activist for a cause or even actively involved in any revolutions of justice.

People, who remain silent and never support a cause, don’t want you to know where they stand on such issues. But silence brings consent and when you have a platform and an opportunity to make a difference you should do so!

Kudos to Stevie Wonder for being man enough to SPEAK ON IT!!!

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Conrad Murray spilling secrets about Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson Conrad Murray

In a recent interview with The Daily Mail, Michael Jackson’s former doctor, described a very simple procedure he did to Michael, which is performed by doctors and nurses in hospitals and clinics every day.

Instead of explaining the procedure as catheterizing a patient in simple terms, Murray over-exaggerated the procedure by saying, “I held his (meaning Michael’s), penis every night to fit a catheter because he was incontinent at night.”

When a patient is receiving intravenous fluids, doctors or nurses usually insert a tube called a straight catheter into the patient’s vagina or penis to drain their bladders so they don’t urinate on themselves while under the anesthetic. The catheter is attached to a small urine bag.

Once the IV stops, the catheter is removed.

Murray also gave the false impression that Michael was “incontinent” every night, instead of simply saying patients normally lose control of their bladders when they are under anesthesia for prolonged periods of time.

Conrad further exaggerated Michael’s living conditions, claiming Jackson lived in a state of paranoia and uncleanliness. He said, “Michael would not allow his maids to wash his underwear for fear they would sell them“. He also said, “Michael wore dark trousers all the time because he would drip terribly after using the bathroom”.

Murray’s interviews are a breach of Jackson’s privacy and patient confidentiality. The Jackson family need to hit Murray with a GAG order as soon as humanly possible.

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Conversations Live, Media Mogul to release Poetry book!


President and Founder of “Conversations Media GroupCyrus Webb, will release his first poetry book on October 28, 2013. The title of his book “THIS IS NOW” has been a long time coming and a project he’s worked on for years.

My new book of poetry “THIS IS NOW” is all about embracing the moment.

So many times we can’t enjoy what is because we haven’t let go of what was. Will you accept the challenge of living in the now? Can’t wait to share my love of words with you. Said Webb via his Facebook page.

Webb’s book will be available via and it will be his first book on the Kindle Fire as of Tues. Oct. 28th.

In the meantime, check out one of Mr. Webb’s many pieces below, entitled “Everytime”. Feel free to share your thoughts and opinions with me.