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What does “LOVE” mean to you?” Tonight on “Conversations Of A Sistah”

Valentine’s day is Sunday and it’s a day when love is celebrated. Yes I know… love is not celebrated just one day of one month in the year, but it is a day marked on the calendar set aside to be celebrated. A day when most people express their love for one another with flowers, dinner and gifts.

Valentine’s day is not just about couples and those in love but love shared in all of your relationships period.

Let’s talk about “What “LOVE” means to you?” tonight on “Conversations Of A Sistah” at 6:30 p.m. EST

You can share your thoughts by calling into our studios at 1-515-602-9679 or sound off here!!

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Black Couples who have impacted history Tonight on “Conversations Of A Sistah”

As this weeks show fall on Valentine’s Day, during Black History Month, it seems appropriate to take a look at African American couples that have been trailblazers in their own way, making an impact on American history.? There have been couples throughout history that have treaded the path of love and respect for decades. Others have only just begun, in comparison. Some couples began to tread the path individually, then met the love of their life and began blazing the trails together as a team.

There are notable couples in Black history. And regardless to where, when and how their paths were blazed into history, they displayed love, dedication and passion for their partners and the world around them.

Join host Tracy L. Bell at 6:30 p.m. EST on “Conversations Of A Sistah” on Blog Talk Radio as she explore “Black Couples who have impacted history“.

Hope to see you on the air!

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Fact vs. Fantasy In Love….Which is the Reality?

Love-your-choice2-1024x556We all want to experience real love, but how would you define it? How do you know when what you are experiencing is real love?

Defining love is like defining a particular color to a person who has never been able to see color – you have to feel it to know what it is. The reason it is so hard to define real love is because you cannot experience it with your mind, and definitions are of the mind. Real love is of the heart, and is the result of your intention to be genuine, because love is NOT A FEELING; it’s a decision. And you make that decision based upon experience. 

But what about true/real love in relationships? Love is an action that if you don’t use it you lose it. Love is like any communication, if you never send it out, you won’t get a return. Love is something you give to others not something you feel because something happens to you. Love is something that grows from your actions and decisions and if you don’t have it, or is not experiencing it; then there is something you don’t know about love!!

In fantasy verses the facts about love, we may paint a pretty picture in our minds about this fantasy, which  isn’t necessarily built on the admirable qualities we desire in a partner. Instead, it may be based on gaps we hope to one day fill, mistakes we aim to correct, and familiarities we’ve grown accustomed to. However, one’s traits, faults and weaknesses should become a reality in growing our relationships. 

Love is probably the single most universally desired human quality that exist on this planet. Love is not something you can buy or barter, it is not taught in school, it doesn’t matter how rich you are, your IQ, race, creed, religion, social economic status or who you know. Love IS exactly as it does…So as some of you approach this Valentine’s Day, practice making a decision to love and then follow that decision up with actions that communicate love.

But remember…. love is not a feeling; love is a decision!

What will you decide?

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Single this Valentine’s Day? Don’t Buy into the hype!!!


Happy Valentine’s day “CEO readers” and “Conversations Of A Sistah” listeners,

Today is Valentines Day and I’ve been flooded with the “I’m single this Valentine’s Day” email messages all day long.

People please Stop the madness!!!!

If you’re single this Valentine’s day celebrate you, ladies get a pedi or a manicure and have dinner with your girlfriends. Love yourself, focus on self and concentrate on self. Fellas you do the same, while loving your mothers and honoring your sisters, even if it means giving out single roses or a kind smile. Ladies and Gentlemen, prepare yourselves for when that “special someone” does come along.

Remember: happiness is not based on being with someone else, nor does having someone define who you are.