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Being Mary Jane, Episode 3 who saw it?

Being Mary Jane

“Beautifully flawed” Mary Jane (Gabrielle Union) continues to juggle her career and a married man in last night’s episode of BET’s hit scripted TV series Being Mary Jane.

It was a hot and bazaar confession when Gabriel Union’s character (Mary Jane) pulled out one of her lovers saved sperm from the freezer.

And I ask the question: How does a married man give his mistress a ring? With a promise to think about it. She’ll marry him and he’ll do the exact same thing to her (CHEAT) in a years time.

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Being Mary Jane…I like the show but it promotes premarital sex!

Being Mary Jane

In case you missed it, BET’s original scripted series, Being Mary Jane starring Gabrielle Union aired last night after much fanfare.

Many are wondering if the show is “life imitating art” as Union’s character is in love with and can’t let go of a married man. The show addresses infidelity, adultery and premarital sex as the norm for a successful black woman. This depiction is both disturbing and somewhat unrealistic.

Union’s character secretly yearns for a man and family of her own but sees this goal as unattainable due to the perplexed marriage to her career.

Last night’s show was the first of eight series, my question is…will you continue to watch?

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Being Mary Jane Starring Gabrielle Union…Let’s talk about it


The TV movie “Being Mary Jane,” starring Gabrielle Union and Omari Hardwick, aired the other night on BET. Union, 40, plays a successful TV news anchor who believes her job, her salary and her material possessions are her biggest achievements in life. But she fails at maintaining a stable relationship with a man. Mary Jane believes a man is the missing piece of her puzzle and that she just needs a man to make her life complete.

Union plays a strong black woman who supports her entire family, including her sick mother, her pregnant teenage niece, her unemployed brother and his Caucasian baby mama, who all live together in the same house. This show covered every African-American stereo type possible.

Overall, I loved the show and thought Gabrielle Union played her role in true to life form. I just thought stealing a man’s sperm was pretty desperate and a bit disgusting.

“Being Mary Jane” will air as a series on the BET Network in January 2014.

What did you think about the show?

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OWN’s ‘The Haves and the Have Nots’ Draws Record Ratings But Poor Reviews

Summer OWN

Viewers loved the premiere of Tyler Perry’s ‘The Haves and the Have Nots’ on Oprah’s OWN Network. The series premiere drew record ratings for Tyler and Oprah’s joint partnership. But the critics reviews of the show were brutal.

The show’s stars, Tika Sumpter, left, Renee Lawless and John Schneider helped to make “The Haves and the Have Nots” the network’s highest-rated premiere “ever,” according to a release from OWN.

“The Haves and the Have Nots” is typical of Tyler Perry’s obsession with glorifying the greedy “haves” while pitying the needy “have-nots” in his films.

Los Angeles Times critic Mary McNamara called the show “so awful that the awfulness appears intentional.”

From LA Times:

The 9 p.m. airing delivered 1.77 million viewers (1.57 million of them women age 25-54). The second episode at 10 p.m. grew to 1.8 million viewers (1.67 million were women 25-54).

However, initial reviews for the series were not kind. OWN did not send the show out to critics prior to its premiere, mirroring Perry’s policy of not allowing his films to be pre-screened for reviewers.

Brian Lowry of Variety called the show “claustrophobically cheap, not to mention poorly written and indifferently acted.” He added that the show could potentially damage Winfrey’s legacy of uplift and self-empowerment.

Mary McNamara of the Los Angeles Times was even more scathing, calling the show “so awful that the awfulness appears intentional. Except that might make it interesting, and it just isn’t.”

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President Obama’s ‘Twin’ Cast as ‘Satan’ in History Channel’s ‘The Bible’


Some people are ridiculous when it comes down to their exaggerations. There is supposedly a striking resemblance between Satan in the History Channel’s series ‘The Bible’ and President Barack Obama.

I don’t see it; but the media is having a field day with it by saying there’s a comparison. The show’s ‘Satan’ character is dark-skinned, while President Barack Obama, who is mixed, is more fair-skinned.

From ONTD:

Coincidence, or not-so-subtle political commentary? A major hit already, History Channel’s 10-part miniseries The Bible is stirring up extra attention for its casting. The role of Satan, i.e. the bad guy, is played by the actor Mohamen Mehdi Ouazanni, who, thanks to makeup and other production tricks, bears a startling resemblance to President Barack Obama.

The resemblance was pointed out on Twitter while the show still aired on Sunday. Glenn Beck, the Christian conservative broadcaster who has called the series “one of the most important shows in decades,” sent out a tweet with a screenshot. Beck, who refuses to use Obama’s name, referred to the president as “That Guy.”