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After The Panthers Lost, The Super Bowl was renamed the Beyoncé Bowl

Beyonce was the clear winner of Super Bowl 50. Cam Newton and his Carolina Panthers were the odds on favorites to win the Super Bowl, but they couldn’t overcome the Bronco’s fierce defense.

Then there was Beyoncé.

The Panthers lost that game to the New England Patriots.

The writing was on the wall when Beyonce performed during halftime of Super Bowl 50. The Panthers were down by 6 points going into the half. All they needed was one touchdown in the 3rd quarter to give their team momentum.

Once again, the Creole singer broke the Internet by announcing her Formation Tour during halftime.

The Panthers didn’t stand a chance after that.

More people on social media were talking about Beyonce’s tour than Cam Newton or the Panthers.

By the 4th quarter, the Super Bowl was renamed the Beyonce Bowl.

The only highlight of the game came when Beyonce almost fell while performing a complicated choreography routine.

That would have been the third time Beyonce broke the Internet in 2 days.

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They BOOED Him in Times Square


New Jersey is hosting the big super bowl game tomorrow and it is only proper to invite New Jersey’s governor to be in the midst of the festivities but….he was BOOED when he was introduced in Times Square.

The once-immensely popular Christie, has lost his glow to scandal, as he sat stone-faced and was razzed in Times Square for a typically upbeat Super Bowl event.

“You made it across the bridge?” howled one heckler as the problem-plagued Christie — in a navy Windbreaker and black scarf — sat impassively on the stage at Broadway and W. 43rd St.

One day after allegations that a lying Chris Christie knew about the Bridgegate scandal as it happened, the governor sat uncomfortably in the spotlight on the eve of the Super Bowl.

Poor thing!

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Beyonce Does Much To Stay Relevant


And posing in your underwear, wearing a cut-off t-shirt, that shyly exposes your breast on the cover of a major magazine, is sure to get the attention that Ms. Beyonce seeks.

The superstar singer flaunts her killer curves and sexy look on the cover of the upcoming February issue of GQ magazine, which hits newsstands on Jan. 15.

Wearing only a pair of red leopard-print underwear and a cropped T-shirt, Beyonce accessorizes her sexy appearance with nothing else but some gold jewelry and a come-hither look, the New York Daily News reports.

It seems to me that Ms. Beyonce dances on every set. When the Newtown, CT  tragedy happened, she jumped on the “ban assault weapons” wagon and became a spokesperson for that issue. After Barack Obama won his second term election, she penned an open letter to Michelle Obama. 

The buzz over Bey’s risqué cover shoot follows disappointing news for me, that she will be performing the national anthem at President Barack Obama’s inauguration ceremony on Jan. 21, which will take place at the U.S. Capitol. I was so hoping Obama’s people would reach out to Jennifer Hudson.

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But Beyonce doesn’t stop there. Two weeks later, she’ll let loose with a highly anticipated Super Bowl halftime performance on Feb. 3… damn!!!!! I’m a little tired of the no-talented, attention seeking singer.

I have nothing against Beyonce and I’m a fan of some of her hits, but there are so many other talented artist out here that Beyonce can’t hold a candle too, yet they are not getting half the attention she’s getting and it’s a bit annoying.

Following the Super Bowl, Beyonce is set to premiere an HBO documentary about herself and her family that she financed, directed and produced. Wow!