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Because Some of You Need Jesus: Kanye West Brings Jesus Onstage

Screen Shot 2013-10-22 at 12.50.12 PM

There are several entertainers I don’t care to write about and Kanye West is one among-st the many.

West has the internet all abuzz since he invited Jesus Christ Himself onstage to speak to the masses during a concert in Seattle. As Jesus commanded Kanye to go forth and show people “the light” and “the truth,” incredulous concert goers in the audience screamed “JESUS IS BLACK!”

“Jesus is that you? I’ve been looking for you my whole life” Kanye said.

As you view the video you can hear concert goers going mad and screaming in the background.

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Cyrus Webb in the film “Broken Silence”

Loyal CEO reader “Jamilla”, is the winner of a complimentary copy of my book “Conversations Of A Sistah“…The punch line in Cyrus Webb’s script that Jamilla guessed and had me rolling was “Be back to scoop you in 20 😆

Enjoy the read Jamilla and thank you for being a loyal reader and follower!


You all know Mr. Cyrus Webb right? Executive Producer of “Conversations Of A Sistah” and President and Founder of “Conversations Media Group”.

Well anyway, Cyrus makes his first acting debut in the short film above “Broken Silence”. Cyrus says one punch line in his script that had me rolling…If you can guess the punch line, you’ll win a complimentary copy of one of my books.

So sound off!!!! Oh and for those of you who don’t know, Mr. Webb is wearing the light blue shirt and eye glasses.

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Honoring Dr. M.L.King on Obama’s weekend


I was in Washington, DC last weekend for the presidential inaugural and had a damn ball!

The highlight for me was the Martin Luther King memorial. I was a bit disappointed because king’s memorial is located on the other side of the capital behind the Washington monument. The walk was long and a struggle for so many senior citizens, but they were determined to make it, bless their hearts.

The weather was perfect on Saturday and we parked at the metro train station near our hotel in Maryland and hopped the metro train all day, which was the best way to get around Washington, DC.

That’s me, yours truly in the photo (ABOVE) in the midst of the crowd. The memorial was packed and it took half a day just to get there.


Later on that evening, we had dinner in Georgetown at an outdoor restaurant, bar and grill. The food was fabulous, I had the pasta.  🙂 I might share more pics after the snow break.

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Magic Johnson Caught Cheating? OMG shocking!


This friend of mine, told me years ago that Magic Johnson was cheating on his wife Cookie. He was on a flight with Magic from LA to New York and said Magic was on the flight with a female companion, who wasn’t his wife. My friend said, having the HIV virus hadn’t slowed Magic down one bit.

That’s why when the gossip blog, published these pics of the former NBA player spotted leaving a restaurant with a female companion who was young enough to be his niece, the news went viral.

Careful analysis of their body language reveals that the lunch date was not all business (look at the slutty way this girl is dressed). Magic’s mouth is gaped open (as any married man’s mouth would be if he was caught leaving a restaurant in the presence of a stripper). And the young lady’s face also registers shock and surprise at seeing the paparazzi.

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Chris Brown & Rihanna should cut the B.S. and just hook up already!

I’m so tired of all the speculation surrounding singers, Chris Brown and troubled Barbarian Rihanna regarding a reconciliation. First, they both attended a private Island party, then she confessed her undying love for him on Oprah’s Next Chapter, then the two shared a kissed at the VMA’s, now they supposedly have matching tattoos. Enough already!!!!

The problem is, she has forgiven him for the infamous 2009 beat down on her but the world has not. So what are these matching or identical tatoo’s about?

Rihanna’s latest ink, of an Egyptian goddess, is similarly etched into her midsection with the wings spread just below the “We Found Love” singer’s breasts.

Earlier this month, Brown showed off another new piece of body art, with a sketch of a woman’s face imprinted onto the right side of his neck.

Fans and the media noted that the tattoo bore a striking resemblance to a bruised and battered Rihanna, but Brown defended his ink against haters on Tuesday. “I’m an artist and this is art,” he wrote on his Twitter account. “Dia de los Muertos.”

 Although Chris Brown supposedly have a girlfriend, he and Rihanna still remain friends. In the meantime I’m sure the media will still fuel the speculation off of their cryptic messages to each other.