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Pastor Jamal Bryant: “These Hoes Ain’t Loyal”

Jamal Bryant

And he oughta know! Which is why he incorporated the popular hip hop catchphrase into his fiery sermon at the Empowerment Temple in Baltimore, MD, on Sunday.

Bryant recited the title of a popular Chris Brown song when he told his flock “These hoes ain’t loyal!” Surprisingly his congregation cheered and stomped their feet as if in agreement with the pastor’s description of young women who may have lost their way in life.

But what about him? The one in leadership position who have taken advantage of his groupies by cheating on his wife and having children outside of his marriage.

God is going to hold these leaders responsible and accountable for NOT practicing what they preach! 

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Prophet-mess Juanita Bynum Arrested…


Prophetess Juanita Bynum is cooling her heels in a Dallas County jail today after being picked up on a “capias warrant” on Thursday, April 18.

According to online records. Bynum, 54, was booked into the Dallas (Texas) County jail last night on civil charges. A capias warrant is usually issued when a judge wants to compel a defendant to do something, such as when someone loses a civil case and they failed to pay a judgment against them. In general, capias warrants are not criminal in nature.

In 2010, Bynum, who considers herself a prophetess, doctor, gospel singer and televangelist, fought a lawsuit brought by former Def Jam Vice President of A&R, J.E. Jones, who said Bynum stole a song he wrote entitled, “Soul Cry (Oh, Oh, Oh).”

In 2007, Bynum divorced her husband Thomas Weeks III after he beat her in the parking lot of an Atlanta hotel.

Bynum is famous for her “No more sheets” message which catapulted her over into celebrity status through Bishop T.D. Jakes and the best-selling novel entitled the same.

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Pastor Jamal Bryant rebukes EBONY for accusing him of impregnating a minor


Pastor Jamal Bryant (pictured above) wrote an open letter to EBONY magazine, rebuking them for accusing him of impregnating a teenage member of his congregation.

Bryant, a single father of 3 beautiful daughters, admitted that he cheated on his wife in an open letter to EBONY titled “Pastor Jamal Bryant Rebukes EBONY”.

“In 2007 I participated in an extramarital affair that resulted ultimately in the termination of my marriage to my incredible wife Gizelle,” he wrote. “NO minors were involved but my minor children have been affected.” Not what is known and what’s rumored; the word swirling on the religious roster in Baltimore is, Pastor Bryant indeed impregnated a woman in his congregation maybe not a minor at the time but a young parishioner in his church.

Bryant went on to call the accusation that he slept with a minor, “categorically and completely untrue.”

Pastor Bryant writes:

For 67 years Ebony Magazine has been the drum beat for culture in the African-American community. John Johnson its beloved founder dedicated his life to safe guarding our image with great integrity.

The March 2013 edition has left a hole in my heart. On page 124 they published that it’s alleged I impregnated a 17-year-old member of my church. This accusation is categorically and completely untrue. To publish this with absolutely no source lends itself to reckless endangerment to my children, my congregation and my community.

Ebony is not the National Enquirer. A higher standard is required and the statement jeopardizes my ministry to the youth in my church and community. So it is on moral grounds that a retraction is necessary.

In 2007 I participated in an extramarital affair that resulted ultimately in the termination of my marriage to my incredible wife Gizelle. NO minors were involved but my minor children have been affected. I don’t want them to have to live through any further unnecessary pain.

Matthew 18:15 say’s if your brother has sinned against you go and tell him his fault. I solicit your continued prayers for my family, forgiveness for myself and accountability from Ebony magazine.

Flawed but faithful. I remain,

Jamal- Harrison Bryant (A Father and Pastor)