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Join Me for the Commentary on – the Green Flags in a relationship…Tonight on ” Conversations Of A Sistah”


There is always talk about what red đźš©flags to look for in a relationship but never what the green flags would look like. These flags are not always about a list but about how well and how healthy are your relationships in order to thrive.

Human mind naturally tends to focus on the negatives, or red flags, of a given situation, including dating. But the positive components, or green flags, matter, too, and mindfully considering them stands to offer some serious benefits. 

Join our host on Conversations Of A Sistah tonight at 6:30 p.m. EST as we delve into this topic, in the meantime sound off on the subject here!!

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“How do you trust after the hurt?” Tonight on “Conversations Of A Sistah”

Most of us have felt like our trust has been compromised at some point in our lives. Needless to say, these experiences can be very painful. Perhaps we’re still scared to trust again. Most of us have felt like our trust has been compromised at some point in our lives.  Trust is one of those things that we can’t just skip over. In fact, it’s a crucial ingredient in our relationships; some call it the foundation and without it, it’s really difficult to settle in and just love. Individuals get tired of putting their feelings on the line and giving their all, yet finding themselves with the same results over and over again.

So how can one be able to trust again after being hurt?

Join the conversation on “Conversations Of A Sistah” at 6:30 p.m EST on blog talk radio, with our host Ms. Tracy L. Bell, as she sits down in our studios with Empowerment author Tommie Brown (pictured left), author of the book, “Scattered Thoughts, My Perspective would Make You Proudas they discuss “How do you trust after the hurt?

Hope to meet you on the air!

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When He Opens the door for you…..He’s a keeper!!

Please don’t get it twisted ladies, chivalry is not dead!

You can tell a lot about a man simply by the way he opens the door for you. A car door, the door before you walk into a building, these actions speak to a man’s mannerism. When he keeps you closely by his side as you walk the street in a protective manner, he’s a keeper. These are important traits you’d look for in a potential partner or lifelong mate.

Let’s be real here, would you really like to date a guy who doesn’t give a shit about you? A man who doesn’t know the true meaning of respect?

We need to raise the bar ladies in 2019!

President Donald Trump is a prime example. Pictures of him shaking the Obama’s hands on inauguration day and entering the White House ahead of his wife Melania spoke volumes. Donald Trump is the first president ever who did not wait for his wife and accompany her up the stairs into the White House. He didn’t open the car door for her either. This goes to prove, money can’t buy you class and/or respect!

So here’s why you should only consider a man who opens doors for you:

  1. He’s Mature – He’s not a boy: He’s a man and immaturity is just not how he rolls.
  2. He appreciates you – He has manners and he knows how to use them.
  3. He’s the ultimate example that chivalry is NOT Dead! – He knows how to treat a lady
  4. He’s Considerate – He knows being thoughtful is an important key to making a relationship thrive and survive.
  5. He’s Respectful – He knows the meaning of RESPECT like the back of his hand.
  6. He’s Supportive – He will always be 100 percent team you.
  7. He Puts You First – He will walk through fire first just so that you don’t get burnt.
  8. He’s Affectionate – He’ll show you and give you the love you deserve
  9. He Cares About What you Think Of Him – The man who cares about impressing you and gaining your affection is a keeper!
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Newsflash….Thee exact same Reason Women don’t marry!

I saw this post by Keishorne Scott the other day on IG, as to why men don’t marry?

You are all familiar with Scott who has been a featured guest on “Conversations Of A Sistah“. Well I must take the relationship guru to task and beg to differ a bit because you have some single women who feel the exact same way. In that there is nothing in marrying for them accept to become a man’s house servant, baby maker, porn star and/or waitress.

So what exactly does marriage offer women today? Because I know some women who have lost themselves after they marry, let alone their freedom.

So……the exact can be said about why some women choose to remain single.

The women of today are educated, independent and accomplished and cautious about who they settle with as a mate. Some women are unmarried because there are several factors that come into play concerning what they would have to give up for taking on a partner in holy matrimony. The more women accomplish, the less likely they are inclined to settle for someone who could potentially ruin all they’ve built and acquired financially.

Women are just as cautious concerning entering into a legal contract with someone who could potentially slaughter all that they’ve worked hard for and gained.

Women aren’t wimping out either, they are being just as smart as men when it comes down to entering into the legal contract of marriage, especially since both sexes can have a hidden agenda.

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Threesome during Hurricane Irma turned gruesome

A threesome in a man’s Florida home during Hurricane Irma turned gruesome when he was killed by one of the male participants and left to decompose, authorities said.

Ariel Gonzalez was found dead in his Broward County apartment on Sept. 13 after a friend alerted police she hadn’t seen him for several days and noticed a foul odor coming from his house, the Miami Herald reported.

When police arrived at Gonzalez’s home they found him “wrapped in a comforter” and he had been decomposing.

The sexual encounter between Gonzalez and two suspects — Travis Watson (pictured above) and Jacob Mitchell — happened on Sept.10 when Hurricane Irma hit the state, police said.

Mitchell refers to Watson as his husband. Watson, who had been released from prison after completing a 13-year sentence, told cops that Mitchell was mad at Gonzalez for having oral sex with him, according to the Herald.

An arrest report obtained by the paper states that Gonzalez invited the two men to his home where they had sex.

Mitchell is accused of beating Gonzalez with a broomstick and pouring hot grease on his head after Watson had asked Gonzalez where he kept his money, the Herald reported.

Mitchell is still on the run. Watson was booked into Broward County Jail and is charged with robbery without a firearm, kidnapping, and failure to report a death. His bond was set at $100,000.