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Ciara Rocked The Half-Time Show!!!

Singer Ciara Wilson made history during the Monday Night Football game last night. She paid homage to her husband Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, when she wore a custom white jersey with her husband’s number on it.

Ciara, thrilled football fans with a high energy halftime performance during the Seahawks vs Minnesota Vikings NFL game last night, as she performed her current single “Level Up” with two dozen similarly dressed backup dancers. You had to look hard to notice Ciara, who stood out among the rest with the extremely long ponytail.

Ciara’s halftime performance left many sports writers scratching their heads and wondering if Russell pulled some strings to make it happen? Of course he did, when you marry you should enhance each other as a couple. Ciara made half-time history with her performance.

I never knew Ciara, sung the song “Level Up” and my Zumba instructors have us rocking and sweating to it on the regular. The lyrics are stupid but the beat is “FIRE”.

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Donald and Melania Trump’s Body Language

gettyimages-632233198Social media is all abuzz about President Donald J. and First Lady Melania Trump’s body language, during the inaugural festivities. Social media outlets and blogs are carefully analyzing the photos and video footage taken throughout the day and at the luncheon (pictured below). Their body language appears to be appropriate for the occasion.

c25rb0vuoaarjg2Mrs. Trump appears to be an obedient, submissive wife to her husband, who happens to be the most powerful man in the world. Although the media is speculating that the First Lady looks terrified. She knows her role and she stays in her lane.

After video of this meet and greet was released, it’s obvious that the new president needs to work on his gentlemen skills, as the women on “The View” so adamantly pointed out.

Wearing thee hell out of a pale blue Ralph Lauren dress and matching jacket, Melania was elegant, perfect and pristine for the occasion. While several designers refuse to dress her, Ralph Lauren reportedly welcomed the idea, despite the negative impact it could have on sales.

What do y’all think?

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Bill Clinton confided that “Hillary was bisexual”


Bill Clinton’s former mistress Gennifer Flowers is back in the news to dish the dirt on her relationship with ex-president Bill Clinton.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, Flowers claims that Bill contacted her years after the 1992 scandal broke, and confided in her that Hillary Clinton was bisexual.

Flowers said of Clinton’s marriage to Hillary, “It obviously worked for them but I’ve never considered theirs a traditional marriage.” And she alleges that Hillary is bisexual. “I just know what Bill told me that he was aware that Hillary was bisexual and he didn’t care,”  “He said Hillary had eaten more pussy than he had.”

Flowers also said in the Daily Mail interview that, “He was the love of my life and I was the love of his life and you don’t get over those things.”  She adds that she and Bill would have been together — but when he had daughter Chelsea with his wife Hillary Clinton, it complicated their tryst. “Then they had Chelsea and the stakes got too high,” Flowers said in the interview posted Wednesday.

Get ready people, if Hilary runs for president in 2016, all the stops will be pulled out to dish the dirt on she and the former president’s affairs. And many wonder why she stuck by Bill despite his love of women and outside affairs.