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Ciara Rocked The Half-Time Show!!!

Singer Ciara Wilson made history during the Monday Night Football game last night. She paid homage to her husband Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, when she wore a custom white jersey with her husband’s number on it.

Ciara, thrilled football fans with a high energy halftime performance during the Seahawks vs Minnesota Vikings NFL game last night, as she performed her current single “Level Up” with two dozen similarly dressed backup dancers. You had to look hard to notice Ciara, who stood out among the rest with the extremely long ponytail.

Ciara’s halftime performance left many sports writers scratching their heads and wondering if Russell pulled some strings to make it happen? Of course he did, when you marry you should enhance each other as a couple. Ciara made half-time history with her performance.

I never knew Ciara, sung the song “Level Up” and my Zumba instructors have us rocking and sweating to it on the regular. The lyrics are stupid but the beat is “FIRE”.

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Denzel Washington in…’A Raisin in the sun’!


I saw Denzel Washington in Lorraine Hansberry’s 1959 reprised drama “A Raisin in the Sun” a couple of weeks ago and he gave a phenomenal performance.

Reprising Sidney Poitier’s role, Denzel is stunning as the dreamer-schemer Walter Lee Younger, whose frustration throbs at the heart of an American classic that is as deeply humorous as it is affecting.

The story spins around an inheritance of $10,000, or about $100,000 today. The money is willed to Lena (a wonderful LaTanya Richardson Jackson- Samuel L. Jackson’s wife) by her late husband — and she plans to use it to move the whole family into a white suburb. But there are bumps along the way.

Jackson brings dignity, strength and laughter, while Anika Noni Rose charms with contagious exuberance as Beneatha, who wants to be a doctor and to learn more about her African heritage.

As Walter’s long-suffering wife, Ruth, played by the sublime Sophie Okonedo whose voice is thick, strong and horrible on the ears.

Washington’s performance registers the colors of joy, despair, fury and determination and I love him!

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This girl ‘WON’ the gold and Twitterers are focusing on her hair?

People are truly a trip!

The latest conversation tearing up the Twitterverse is the talk about Gabby Douglas’ hair.  Some women are taking issue with the fact that, Gabby is sporting a pony tail, pins and gel needed to hold her hair together during stressful performances. Some women think the girl’s hair look a mess! So is she suppose to have a full set of hard pressed curls while she’s jumping and running as real gymnast do?

Douglas has set the world on fire, and broken records in the process., yet she is supposed to be concerned about her hair? When it’s going to sweat out during olympic activities anyway. I doubt Gabby Douglas is concerned about styling and profiling while her eyes are clearly set on the prize.

This sad and pathetic focus on style over substance certainly defines the weak, superficial value systems that have been adopted by too many of us today.  The girl with the cute hair and Gucci shoes often thinks that she’s better off than the little girl who knows how to work hard to make something out of herself.

Gabby Douglas is an American hero and she’s every bit as beautiful as the little girl who missed gymnastics class or exercise last Saturday because she spent the entire day at the salon “getting her hair done.” Beauty is more than scalp deep, and our kids need to understand this message clearly.

These conversations are sad, weak and petty! Grow up people, she WON the gold so who gives a damn about her hair!!

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Bobby Brown’s Performance On The Today Show…


Bobby Brown, 43, kicked off the summer season this memorial day with a live performance this morning on the Today Show. While the singer looked good and his voice sounds pretty much the same, his performance was mediocre. Brown would sing a few cords of his famous hits and then be completely out of breath., which means he’s out of shape for performing.

Toni Braxton said it best: “You can’t drink, smoke and party and expect to give a stella performance”. It takes being in shape both physically and vocally to hold those notes and move around on stage.

Bobby is on tour promoting his latest album “The Masterpiece,” and dedicated one of his most popular songs, “Every Little Step,” to U.S. troops, some of whom were in the crowd on the plaza.

“The Masterpiece” drops on June 5.