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Billy Porter wore a tuxedo gown to the 2019 Oscars – and raised eyebrows

Actor Billy Porter sparked praise and outrage when he wore a black crushed velvet tuxedo gown designed by Christian Siriano to the 2019 Oscar Awards in Hollywood on Sunday. Twitter users were in a frenzy, expressing praise and admiration for the openly homosexual actor who stars in “Pose” on FX Network.

Porter was accompanied to the Oscars by his life partner Adam Porter-Smith.

Vogue magazine explained:

“The custom creation by designer Christian Siriano included a sharply tailored tuxedo jacket overtop a full-skirted strapless velvet gown. A play on masculinity and femininity, the look challenged the rigid Hollywood dress code and was boundary-pushing in all the right ways.”

What is masculinity?” Porter said in an interview with Vogue on the red carpet. “What does that mean? Women show up every day in pants, but the minute a man wears a dress, the seas part.

Many Black men took to social media to voice their outrage over what they perceive as the left’s ongoing campaign to emasculate Black men via the media.

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Was Chris Rock a “Hit or Miss” as host of the Oscars last night?

390-kingoscars-0228I woke up this morning to conflicting reports on Chris Rock’s hosting last night of the controversial Oscars, aside from what I heard on the news this morning.

I never watched the Oscars however, most of my friends and thousands of black families across the country opted to not even do that much and boycotted the event altogether. Simply because not a single African American was nominated for one category this year.

With a voting pool that is overwhelmingly white, overwhelmingly male, and overwhelming old, 2016 turned out to be one of the whitest years in recent history for the Academy Awards.

I saw that before Chris even said a word, he walked out to Public Enemy’s song “Fight The Power” so the audience knew then he was going to tackle racism. But some people in the media and on Facebook thought Chris was a bit much on the topic stating:

“Much of what Rock said was distasteful, uncomfortable, and just plain wrong.”

But continuing down the road that the Oscars have been snubbing black folk for years, Rock said that the only reason they didn’t protest in 1962 or 1963 was because “we had real things to protest at the time.”

One writer said Chris mentioned something about “when your grandmother is hanging from a tree” and the audience laughed, when that was the deepest, darkest pain of any other group of people being used as a prime-time punch line.

All in all, my friends and most of the online critics who watched Rock’s opening monologue agreed that Rock missed the opportunity to school his white audience on the fact of the matter which is; more African Americans were killed by police in 2015 than in ANY of the previous 88 years of the Oscars. Instead of Rock downplayed the size and scope on the injustices we face today.

So again my question to you is:: Was Chris Rock a “Hit or Miss” as host of the Oscars last night? What’s your opinion? I’d like to know.

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There Is So Much Buzz About This Oscar Boycott.

jada-janet-550x318Every since Jada Pickett Smith and Spike Lee, waged an all-out war and called for a boycott against the ‘Oscars’ for not acknowledging a single African American actor in any category from the academy; everyone seem to be weighing-in with an opinion.

It seems Mrs. Smith’s agenda is a self-serving one. She is reportedly upset that her husband Will Smith was not nominated for an Oscar for his role in the flop movie Concussion.

The first person to respond to Jada was Janet Hubert, the original “Aunt Viv” from the “Fresh Prince Of Bel Air” who seem to have this on-going beef with Will Smith.

“Girl please, why are you always speaking for your man?” Hubert said in a video posted on Facebook. “It was the best performance of his career, which says this is the best performance HE has ever done, not necessarily academy worthy.”

It’s obvious Janet is still bitter and lil bit salty over her premature departure from the 90’s sitcom after she was given the “boot” for demanding more money.

On Tuesday, talk show host Wendy Williams made a similar point by suggesting Jada is calling for a boycott of the Oscars because her husband Will Smith wasn’t nominated.

TMZ caught up with Tony Rock (Chris Rock’s) brother to get his take on the situation, because after all, Chris Rock will host the event when it airs on February 28th.

It’s pathetic how black people constantly seek validation and recognition from the descendants of slave masters. Rock stressed in the video how “We don’t need to kiss white people’s ass’s for an Oscar” “We can create our own shit, cause they gon copy s anyway”.

We don’t see white people protesting over the lack of nominations for whites on black awards shows.

whiter_than_the_oscars_originalAnd since the New York tri-state area is supposed to be hit with a blizzard this weekend, this was the headlines in this weeks “New York Post”. “This Weekend Will be WHITER THAN THE OSCARS”

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And the Oscar for best supporting actress went too…


Newcomer Lupita Nyong’o walked away with the coveted Best Supporting Actress Oscar for her gut-wrenching performance as Patsey in 12 Years a Slave Sunday night in Los Angeles.

“Yes,” exclaimed the 31-year-old actress as she hugged director Steve McQueen and her co-stars. Lupita thanked her family, her co-stars and her drama school (Yale school of drama) during her emotional acceptance speech.

“It doesn’t escape me for one moment that so much joy in my life is thanks to so much pain in someone else’s,” she said, referring to the suffering of African slaves in America.

 “12 Years” was Lupita’s first ever feature film role. She was chosen from 1,000 young actresses who auditioned for the part.

Congratulations to her for such a high honor!