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Woman preaching with her breast exposed

My business administrator saw this video posted on my Facebook page yesterday and forwarded it to me for my opinion and response.

First of all, the woman in the video is being called a preacher but her title can’t be officially established, anyone can preach the Word of God and the devil knows scripture better than the best preachers. The Bible says to “try the Spirit and know whether it be of God” 1 John: 4:1.

In order to deliver anyone lost, you must first speak the Word of truth and she is indeed speaking truth, watered down with a bunch of Amen’s however, her breast are inappropriately exposed. The Bible states; for women to dress modestly that means, in a proper, well-mannered fashion—certainly not in a provocative, outlandish or excessive way. This woman in the video is clearly out-of-place, which probably explains why she’s sitting in somebody’s kitchen and not standing in the platform of a church or institution.

She calls her ministry, “the gospel from a stripper’s pole”

Her message is: “A Forked Tongue” deliver me from these back door preachers!

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Honoring Dr. M.L.King on Obama’s weekend


I was in Washington, DC last weekend for the presidential inaugural and had a damn ball!

The highlight for me was the Martin Luther King memorial. I was a bit disappointed because king’s memorial is located on the other side of the capital behind the Washington monument. The walk was long and a struggle for so many senior citizens, but they were determined to make it, bless their hearts.

The weather was perfect on Saturday and we parked at the metro train station near our hotel in Maryland and hopped the metro train all day, which was the best way to get around Washington, DC.

That’s me, yours truly in the photo (ABOVE) in the midst of the crowd. The memorial was packed and it took half a day just to get there.


Later on that evening, we had dinner in Georgetown at an outdoor restaurant, bar and grill. The food was fabulous, I had the pasta.  🙂 I might share more pics after the snow break.

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How do you conduct yourself at your corporate holiday parties? Thursday on “Conversations Of A Sistah”

Holiday parties
Holiday parties

Tis the season for holiday parties, expected bonuses and over indulging. The time of year when individuals in corporate and private employment sectors have their annual holiday Christmas parties. A setting where you are sure to find out the “other side” of the people you work with, especially when alcohol is freely flowing. And when people start drinking and having a good time, it altars their personality, changes their attitude and boost their mood considerably. Have you witnessed these transformations from your co-workers and colleagues?

This is what happens when you over-indulge, over-indulging may be the number one cause of inappropriate remarks and behavior at these holiday office parties. Remember, you have to face all of these people when you go back to work, so it’s important to leave a good impression but some people don’t!!!!

Here are the following DON’T’s at your holiday party:

  • Find out before your office party what most people are wearing. You don’t want to show up in a casual outfit if everyone else is dressed to the nines. Make sure your spouse or date has this information.
  • Be conservative in your dress if you are a woman. Shockingly short dresses or low plunging necklines are not appropriate for this type of business occasion. So you don’t want to dress like a hooker.
  • Avoid drinking too much because you don’t want to embarrass yourself.
  • Take a cab home or use a designated driver if you have been drinking because you don’t want to drink and drive.

And we’ll discuss the rest of “Office party etiquette” on “Conversations Of A Sistah” this Thursday December 14th at 8:00 P.M.

So I’m inviting you to join me as I wind down my last two (2) shows of the year onConversations Of A SistahonConversations Live” at 8:00 PM. as we discuss how do you behave at your holiday parties?

As always, we certainly welcome your feedback on this topic here on the CEO’s blog or you can email us at conversationsofasistah@readywriterproductioncompany.com  

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Bobby Brown heads back to rehab…

Bobby Brown is seeking treatment for his own addictions. The former New Edition singer, who was arrested in March on a DUI, is currently in a rehab center, his new wife confirms: “He’s doing great,” Alicia Etheredge tells RadarOnline. Although a source tells the site that Brown, 43, is getting help for an alcohol addiction, his wife of just two months wouldn’t confirm those details.

In May, the “My Prerogative” singer admitted he still drank in a “Today show” interview with Matt Lauer. “I’m not allowed to drink for the next 30 days [per judge’s orders],” he said at the time. “I do have a cocktail occasionally, you know. I will again, I know that. But I’m seven years clean from narcotics. You know, I’m living — I’m living the life that I want to live.” In the same interview, Brown also admitted that he “would always be worried” that his 19-year-old daughter with Houston, Bobbi Kristina, would fall into the same addictions as her mother and father. With two parents addicted, Bobbi Kristina has double the curse to fight against that happening.

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Evelyn & Chad more publicity for their reality…

They will do anything I guess, to promote their wacked reality show, which will premier September 3 on VH1. I don’t even believe their relationship is real. I don’t easily fall for a hype that is just that., HYPE: But Evelyn and Chad got into a fight over a condom receipt found in the couple’s sports car. Chad is now sitting in a Florida County jail while Evelyn is healing from stitches to her forehead.

From TMZ.com:

Evelyn Lozada, one of the stars of VH1′s “Basketball Wives.”

Johnson allegedly head-butted Lozada during an argument, says the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, and when cops arrived to the scene, Lozada had lacerations on her forehead.

Our sources say Lozada has been at the hospital for several house and her injury required stitches.

According to our sources, the fight started when Lozada found a receipt for condoms in the center of the couple’s Maserati and confronted Johnson about it. A verbal argument ensued.

We’re told at some point during the argument, Johnson head-butted Lozada. According to reports, Johnson told police he butted heads with Lozada by accident.

Johnson is reportedly still in custody and will have to go before a judge before he can be released.

Johnson and Lozada were married last month (July 4) in Miami after Johnson proposed in November 2010 with a massive 10-carat diamond ring.

Story developing …