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Double XXposure Media Relations Host Classy Event For Katrina Walker



I attended an event a couple of weeks ago in honor a “Conversations Of A Sistah” guest, Katrina Walker.

The upscale “Meet and Greet” event was hosted by Double XXposure Media Relations, whose Founder, President and Ceo Mr. Angelo Ellerbee, exudes his presentation with class, elegance and a high sense of professionalism. In looking at Mr. Ellerbee and watching him work a room, you can sense that he’s graced the runway at some point in his career; with his slender frame and fashion style. He has styled divas from Roberta Flack to Nina Simone and his work has been displayed in publications such as Vogue Magazine, Essence, Women’s Wear Daily and Ebony Man.

Oh my god but I forgot, this post is not totally about Mr. Ellerbee in its entirety, it’s about the event he and his staff hosted.

The private soirée was held at Mr. Chow’s East side classic eatery on 57th Street in NYC. The restaurant is famous for hosting some of New York’s most exciting and important parties. Dubbed by Forbes Magazine for its “great food, elegant setting and fabulous Chinese fare”, Mr. Chow’s is known for hosting elegant events for museums, artists and fashion houses.

Kartrina Walker was highlighted on “Conversations Of A Sistah” for the first time in August of this year and returned on October 26th. Ms. Walker is an avid entrepreneur and self-made multimillionaire who has turned her story from victim to victor in her survival of domestic violence. Katrina is a beautiful woman, with a contagious personality and it was a pleasure to meet her and her husband.

Also in attendance was other notables such as; Ramona Maben of the Harlem Times, Audrey J. Bernard from The New York Beacon, Florence Anthony (Known as Flo) of Dottie-Media Group LLC. Oh and a special guest appearance by The Reverend Al Sharpton.

Katrina & Husband, Al Sharpton & Angelo Ellerbee

Look for Katrina Walker’s book “Down Home Truths” coming soon.

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“If the government shuts down, blame Boehner and Cruz”

President Barack Obama sent those petty assholes in congress one really simple message from the briefing room on Friday (September 27, 2013) “Do not shut down the government, do not shut down the economy,” Obama said. “Pass a budget on time. Pay our bills on time.”

But Congress of course, is doing the complete opposite by approving a spending bill early this morning that would fund the government through Dec. 15, but tacked on amendments that would delay the federal health care law known as Obamacare for one year and repeal the medical device tax, a move that sets up a showdown and shutdown as of October 1.

The Obamacare delay amendment passed 231-192, and the vote on the medical device tax, which would help cover the costs of Obamacare, was 248-174. The House also unanimously passed a bill to fund the military in the event of a shutdown.

So there you have it folks! Congress is determined to fight and undermine not only the president but the American people despite the fact that, THEY LOST an election that clearly supported the president and  Obamacare.

Congress must agree to a federal spending bill by Tuesday, or the federal government will partially SHUT down, until members can find a compromising solution. Until then, the American people will be held hostage at the hands of congress. While House speaker Boehner and Ted Cruz continue to play this hate and retaliation game toward this African-American president .

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Trayvon Martin Photos Not Allowed in Zimmerman Opening Statements


George Zimmerman has lost another round in his upcoming 2nd degree murder case. ABC News reports that the judge presiding over the case will not permit Zimmerman’s lawyers to mention pictures of drugs or guns found on Trayvon Martin’s cell phone during opening statements.

“We have a lot of evidence that marijuana use had something to do with the event,” Zimmerman’s lawyer Mark O’Mara said during a hearing today in Sanford, Fla. “It could have affected his behavior.”

But Circuit Judge Debra Nelson agreed with the prosecution that the photos on Trayvon’s cell phone are irrelevant — at least in the opening statements.

The former self-appointed neighborhood watchman is accused of stalking and murdering 17-year-old Trayvon as the high school student made his way to the home of his father’s friend inside a gated community in February 2012.

Trayvon, who was from Miami, was visiting his father in Sanford after being suspended from school.

Zimmerman, 29, has pleaded not guilty. The trial is set for June 10.

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Kim Porter named in lawsuit by former Nanny

Kim Porter

Kim Porter, the second baby mama of rap mogul Sean Combs A.K.A. Puff Daddy, Diddy or whatever, was named in a lawsuit filed by her former Nanny. According to the gossip website TMZ, Kim’s Nanny Dawn Drago who worked for Porter, from 2011 to 2012, claims in a lawsuit that, Kim chain-smoked pot in the house and had access to Porter’s cocaine while Diddy’s young daughters were at home:

Drago claims the kids had gotten into “a bag containing the powder, along with clear capsules, filled with another powdery substance in a bag in the back seat.”

Drago says she confronted Porter, who said the bag contained “medicine.”

And there’s more.  Drago also claims Porter verbally and violently abused her before eventually firing her last year.

As for why she was fired … Drago says the marijuana smell was choking and she dared to complain she couldn’t take it.

The case — filed by Patrick Reider — seeks unspecified damages.

No wonder those twins always look neglected and unhappy. When I say neglected I mean, you can tell she doesn’t take an interest in those girls. Those twins always look like she’s not into them.

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President Obama’s ‘Twin’ Cast as ‘Satan’ in History Channel’s ‘The Bible’


Some people are ridiculous when it comes down to their exaggerations. There is supposedly a striking resemblance between Satan in the History Channel’s series ‘The Bible’ and President Barack Obama.

I don’t see it; but the media is having a field day with it by saying there’s a comparison. The show’s ‘Satan’ character is dark-skinned, while President Barack Obama, who is mixed, is more fair-skinned.

From ONTD:

Coincidence, or not-so-subtle political commentary? A major hit already, History Channel’s 10-part miniseries The Bible is stirring up extra attention for its casting. The role of Satan, i.e. the bad guy, is played by the actor Mohamen Mehdi Ouazanni, who, thanks to makeup and other production tricks, bears a startling resemblance to President Barack Obama.

The resemblance was pointed out on Twitter while the show still aired on Sunday. Glenn Beck, the Christian conservative broadcaster who has called the series “one of the most important shows in decades,” sent out a tweet with a screenshot. Beck, who refuses to use Obama’s name, referred to the president as “That Guy.”