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Woman throws her baby at fellow bus passenger in order to start fistfight

In the shocking video at the link above, an angry woman is seen screaming at her rival for more than 90 seconds —  with her tiny little girl placidly sitting in her lap. Then all of a sudden she roughly tosses the infant aside and into the arms of a stranger across the aisle to engage in a fight.

The image is so disturbing for so many reasons #1, the young ignorant girl is a mother and #2, both women are arguing over a man her mother supposedly slept with.

The ugly and disgraceful scene was caught on a cell phone camera by a fellow bus traveler in  Connecticut.

It’s unknown when the footage was filmed and neither woman have been identified.

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There was a fight at Halle Berry’s house on Thanksgiving

Halle Berry’s fiance Olivier Martinez and her baby daddy, Gabriel Aubry got into a knock down drag out brawl Thanksgiving Day…The picture above is of Halle’s baby’s daddy Gabriel Aubry, the day after.

Gabriel Aubry and Olivier Martinez famously brawled in Halle’s driveway on Thanksgiving day after a custody exchange with Halle and Gabriel’s 4-year-old daughter Nahla.

Both Gabriel and Olivier were treated for injuries in the emergency room and Gabriel was arrested for initiating the fight.

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The Houston’s “On Our own” Airs tomorrow at 9:00PM

Whitney Houston was the star and Whitney Houston was the legend, therefore I’m not interested in the private and personal lives of her family. I will always be a Whitney Houston fan but still not interested in her family’s reality television show.

And in spite of Whitney Houston being out of the equation, Lifetime television has apparently inked this deal for a reality show starring Whitney Houston’s daughter Bobbi Kristina, her grandmother Cissy Houston, her uncle Gary, his wife Pat and their daughter Rayah.

Although the Houston’s deny this reality show as exploiting the late singer’s death in order to make a profit, their claim is that Whitney was “onboard” with the show prior to her death last February.

“The Houston’s: On Our Own” which airs tomorrow night, will reportedly confirm Bobbi Kristina’s engagement to Nick Gordon; a young man who lived with she and her mother Whitney, supposedly raised as her brother and is now in the picture as the love of Bobbi Kristina’s life.

The anticipated show, which will follow the lives of the Houston family, released a series of clips from the show’s sneak peaks into the trials that come with trying to raise Whitney Houston’s only daughter especially as she tries to walk through life without her mother. In viewing clips for the upcoming show, it is painfully obvious that Bobbi Kristina’s had no discipline growing up with her mother.

I’m sure this show will be packed with plenty of drama!

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These are his confessions…Usher tells Oprah all!!

If Usher’s ex-wife Tamika was watching him on Oprah’s Next Chapter last night, I know some of his confessions to Oprah were a complete BLOW to her heart.

The fact that Usher admitted that he shouldn’t have married the already mother of three, heralds one big regret after the other but to admit he cheated on her towards the end of the marriage is just unreal. Usher had absolutely no respect for the sanctity of his union to Tamika, then again I’ve heard she had absolutely no sanctity for hers when she cheated on her husband with Usher; so what goes around truly comes back around.

One of the more shocking revelations from Usher and Tamika Raymond’s bitter child custody battle was that Usher slept with one of the bridesmaids from his and Tamika’s wedding.

Usher also claims that, pressure from the public pushed their marriage over the edge and Usher’s mother admits; if she had it to do over again she’d STILL boycott her son’s wedding.

This was a real mess and yet they both went on with the marriage anyway. As a result they are now tied to each other for life (like it or not), through the lives of their kids.

Usher was nowhere near ready to be somebody’s husband.

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New Birth is having an Anniversary celebration but…you have to bring your own food!!!

I’m not lying Ceo family…New Birth Baptist Church in Lithonia, Ga is celebrating their pastor (Eddie Long’s) 25th Pastoral Anniversary and they’re asking their members to “BYOF” – Bring Your Own Food!!!! I’ve underlined it in red on the flyer above for all to see the reference with their very own eyes.

The flyer advertising the event at New Birth Baptist lists ticket prices at $25 for adults and $10 for children. Yes and in addition to “bringing your own food”, they are also charging their members to enter the celebration as well.

This is a far cry from the lavish events New Birth have held in the past especially since the basis of Eddie Long’s teachings are on prosperity gospel.

New Birth was rocked by scandal last year after Bishop Eddie Long was forced to settle sexual misconduct lawsuits brought against him by five young men [click here and/or search Eddie Long in the search engine if you missed that].

When it’s not of God, it is yet BUT for a season!