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Should Guns Be Allowed in the church? On Tonight’s Conversations Of A Sistah


This post is late and I apologize.

Tonight’s show topic: Should Guns be allowed in the Church? On the next “Conversations Of A Sistah”

Should church goers be packing a pistol with their prayers? Join the Conversations Of A Sistah​ this Wednesday and follow the link in this post to access the show “right here“.

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George Zimmerman Shot in the Face During Road Rage Incident


Trayvon martin’s killer, George Zimmerman messed with the wrong one this time. The acquitted murderer was reportedly shot in the face in a road rage incident near Orlando, Florida.

FOX 35 TV reports Zimmerman and two men argued during a road rage incident in Lake Mary, Florida.

One of the men produced a handgun and shot Zimmerman. FOX 35 reports Zimmerman received a minor flesh wound.

Zimmerman famously shot and killed 17-year-old Martin as the Miami teenager cut through a subdivision on his way to his father’s girlfriend’s apartment. Martin was carrying a can of iced tea and a bag of Skittles when he died.

Zimmerman claimed self-defense under Florida’s “stand Your Ground” law — even though Martin was unarmed.

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Shots Fired On Capital Hill!!


A woman fired shots on Capital Hill a few minutes ago. The woman has been detained and the child in the car with her taken into custody. There is one injured police officer and the scene is chaotic!

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LAPD Confirm Cop Killer Died in Cabin Fire


The biggest manhunt in Southern California history ended in a blaze of glory Tuesday night — just as Christopher Dorner had predicted in his online manifesto.

Dorner, 33, went on a shooting rampage to seek revenge for what he believed was his wrongful termination from the LAPD in 2008. On Monday Dorner was officially charged (in absentia) with the deaths of 2 LAPD officers and the attempted murders of 2 other officers.

After eluding a joint task force of law enforcement officers across California for a week, Dorner was spotted by a state Fish and Wildlife officer as he drove a stolen truck near Big Bear, California Tuesday. Dorner and the officer exchanged gunfire and Dorner crashed the pickup truck.

The former Navy veteran then abandoned the stolen truck and ran into the nearby woods. He took refuge in an empty rental cabin which was quickly surrounded by San Bernardino officers. A fierce gun battle erupted and two San Bernardino County officers were hit as Dorner attempted to escape out of the back of the cabin.

One officer later died of his injuries and a 2nd officer was in surgery but expected to survive. SWAT officers returned fire and lobbed tear gas canisters into the wooden structure, pushing Dorner back inside.

According to a law enforcement source, police had broken down windows, fired tear gas into the cabin and blasted over a loud-speaker urging Dorner to surrender. When they got no response, police deployed a vehicle to rip down the walls of the cabin “one by one, like peeling an onion,” a law enforcement official said.

By the time they got to the last wall, authorities heard a single gunshot, the source said. Then flames began to spread through the structure, and gunshots, probably set off by the fire, were heard.


LAPD officials confirmed Dorner’s charred body was pulled out of the burned cabin tonight, a source told the LA Times.

Police suspect Dorner shot himself when he was cornered and trapped inside the cabin. It isn’t clear if the tear gas canisters ignited the flames that totally consumed the cabin, or if Dorner set the fire himself.

Dorner was fired from the LAPD in 2008 for making false statements about another LAPD officer.

In his angry 11-page manifesto posted to Facebook, Dorner named targets within the LAPD and he promised to use “every bit of small arms training, demolition, ordnance and survival training I’ve been given” to bring “warfare” to LAPD officers and their families.

At the peak of the intense manhunt for Dorner, officials had placed 50 LAPD officers and their families under police protection.

Among Dorner’s first victims were the daughter of a former LAPD captain and her fiance, who were shot to death as they sat in their car near their home Sunday night.

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15-year-old girl who performed at Obama’s Inauguration shot and killed in Chicago

Hidaya_Pendleton_ripA 15-year-old girl who performed with her high school band for President Obama at his 2nd Inauguration last week was shot and killed in the Kenwood area of Chicago Tuesday.

Hidaya Pendleton died just blocks from the high school she attended. The teenager was an honor student, a well-liked volleyball player, and majorette.

Pendleton was among a group of 10 to 12 teenagers seeking shelter from the rain under a canopy in a park on the 4500 block of South Oakenwald Avenue around 2:30 p.m., when a gunman jumped a fence, and opened fire on the teens.

Pendleton was shot once in the back. She was pronounced dead at the University of Chicago Comer Children’s Hospital. Another boy was hit in the leg. He was also taken to Comer Children’s Hospital. He is expected to recover from his injuries.

Police said Pendleton had no gang affiliations, but several of the teens she was with were believed to be known gang members.

It’s a shame; President Obama shed tears for the 20 children who died at Sandy Hook, but he has no tears to shed for the hundreds of black children who were gunned down in his own backyard since he’s been president.