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R.I.P. Uncle Phil…


Fresh Prince of Bel Air star James Avery passed away in a Glendale, CA hospital on New Years eve. Avery suffered complications from open heart surgery he had in November, he was 68.

Avery, who stood more than 6 feet tall, played the family patriarch who was a wealthy attorney and judge on the popular TV comedy that launched the acting career of Will Smith as Banks’ troublemaking nephew.

Avery grew up in Atlantic City, N.J., and served in the Navy in Vietnam in the late 1960s. After returning to the states, he settled in California and studied drama and literature at the University of California at San Diego.

He is survived by his wife, Barbara, and stepson Kevin Waters.

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“Aunt Viv goes in on Wendy Williams!!”


Janet Hubert, the original Aunt Vivian from the sitcom “The Fresh Prince Of Bel Airwent off on Wendy Williams via her blog talk radio show “Speak Own It” because Wendy Williams continues to pry into the reasons Hubert was fired from the show (“Fresh Prince”) over 15 years ago.

Wendy Williams who is the big mouth, gossiping radio host turned television talk show host, interrogated poor Tatiana Ali over Janet’s departure. Well when Hubert tuned in to see Tatiana on Wendy’s show and heard her name, she was furious and annoyed and decided to address Wendy Williams in an open letter that she read via her blog talk radio show.

Hubert calls Wendy’s mouth “an overflowing volcano and a virus” then suggest that she wants to be another Oprah Winfrey:  “who died and told you that you were reborn Oprah, you will never be another Oprah Winfrey, Oprah lifted her audience up and exuded it with class”

Hubert not only ripped into Wendy’s big breast and fake hair but she insist Wendy is simply a travesty, who envies and hates every other black woman. Hubert even hints that Wendy Williams might be a man.

If Wendy Williams want to know what happened to Janet Hubert’s departure from “The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air” she should invite her on her show for a discussion about it. But I think it’s safe to say, Hubert can’t stand Wendy Williams so that may never happen.

You can listen to Janet Hubert’s letter to Wendy Williams here!

Oh and for the record, Janet Hubert who was the original aunt Vivian on the “Fresh Prince of Bel Air” was the best actress in that role. When she was replaced by Daphne Maxwell Reid I stopped watching the show.

Thanks to my sister Theresa for the story tip!