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Dr. Ben Carson “Stop ‘Demonizing’ Ray Rice”


Dr. Ben Carson, who is contemplating making a run for president in 2016, has taken sides in the controversy over the termination of Baltimore Ravens star running back Ray Rice.

In an interview with Newsmax TV’s “The Steve Malzberg Show”, Carson urged viewers not to “jump on the bandwagon of demonizing this guy.”

Rice was indefinitely suspended from the NFL after gossip tabloid TMZ released shocking new elevator video footage showing Rice knocking out his then-fiancee Janay Palmer and callously dragging her from an elevator at Revel Casino in Atlantic City, NJ on Feb. 15.

“Let’s not all jump on the bandwagon of demonizing this guy,” Carson said. “He obviously has some real problems. And his wife obviously knows that because she subsequently married him. So they both need some help.”

Carson’s remarks follow the release Monday of a TMZ’s video of the incident, in which Rice appears to strike his now-wife Janay Palmer twice in an elevator and knock her unconscious. The Ravens announced the team’s decision to oust Rice, via its Twitter account.

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Zimmerman’s Attorney Mark O’Mara Quits!

George Zimmerman's attorney quits

George Zimmerman’s attorney, Mark O’Mara, dropped the self-appointed acquitted, neighborhood watchman like a bad habit.

O’Mara called it quits after Zimmerman was taken into custody following a domestic dispute with his estranged wife Shellie.

ABC News reports that O’Mara announced his decision to no longer represent Zimmerman one day after he joined CNN as a legal analyst. He hinted that his departure may have resulted from an apparent dispute involving unpaid attorney fees.

During an appearance on CNN Monday night, O’Mara said Zimmerman had a gun on his person, but that he “acted appropriately” and he didn’t draw his weapon.

But O’Mara seemed to reach the end of his rope with his arrogant client. When asked if he had any advice for Zimmerman, O’Mara answered, “Pay me.”