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It is going to get messy in Ferguson, Mo!

Mike Brown Darren Wilson

The cop who fatally shot unarmed teen Michael Brown set off a wave of protests in Ferguson, Mo.— all because he told investigators he feared for his life when he pulled the trigger that killed the unarmed teen.

Darren Wilson testified before a grand jury over this case, that Mike Brown punched, pushed, scratched and reached for his gun, which led to him gunning down and unloading six bullets into the teen, killing him out of anger.

Wilson told federal officials that Brown shoved him in his SUV, then grabbed his gun. The teens blood was found on Wilson’s gun, his uniform and in the SUV.

Wilson testified for four hours before a grand jury last month, which means this case is already being favored to side on Wilson’s testimony alone, although his version of events contradict what several other witnesses said about the incident that day.

The prosecutors leading this case are ex policeman, with the head prosecutor, whose father  was killed by a black man. The citizens of Ferguson, MO as well as Brown’s parents already know Wilson will not be indicated.

There will be NO JUSTICE in this case, which is why the officials in Ferguson will have NO PEACE!

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Kidnapped Nigerian Schoolgirls have names!


partial list of names of the 223 Nigerian schoolgirls still in captivity has been released. The girls were kidnapped from their beds at a boarding school 3 weeks ago by armed Boko Haram militants. The Boko Haram leader has taken responsibility for the kidnappings and claims he sold the girls as sex slaves for as little as $12 each.

President Obama has since taken action by sending in arm forces to aid in the search for these girls. In the meantime social media have been up in arms demonstrating active roles in the protest.

Pictured below is my young cousin, a Sophomore at Morgan State University and she’s asking “Every One to Please Post A Picture Doing The Same Thing I’m Doing Using The Same Caption (Instead Of ‪#‎MorganCares‬ You Can Say‪#‎ICare‬). We Need These 234 Nigerian Girls FOUND!”


I’m elated that she’s taking an active role in the protest will you?