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Petition to Give Clinton The Electoral College Vote Circulating!!

petition-550x491A petition gives new hope to Hillary Clinton supporters who believe they can convince electoral college members (faithless electors) to change their minds when they meet to confirm Donald Trump as president on December 19th.

The petition has received more than 2.5 million signatures so far.

Clinton’s supporters hope to convince the faithless electors to defy their party by switching their votes Clinton, since she received about 200k more votes than President-elect Donald Trump.

Clinton did receive the popular vote, however this in not necessarily an indication that the nation wants Hillary for president, although protest have erupted nation wide.

Because voter fraud is a real threat to Democracy, electoral votes ensures that both parties have a fair and balanced chance to win. That’s why 270 electoral votes are required to be elected president.

There are 200 electoral members, either way, Hilary has succeeded and Trump was elected president.

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Kwame Kilpatrick gets 28 years in prison


He had it all, first serving as a democratic delegate in the house of representatives, then elected the first young African-American mayor in the city of Detroit. He made his mother Carolyn-Cheeks Kilpatrick (former U.S. House Representative) proud, after-all it seemed he was following in her footsteps with a successful career in politics.

None-the-less, all of those hopeful dreams came crashing down after the former mayor was sentenced to twenty-eight (28) years in a federal prison for public corruption today.

Kilpatrick had a lot of dirt on his hands and all of these crimes are compounded by the involvement of other city officials as well. Thirty four other people have been convicted in connection with this public corruption case. 

Kilpatrick took bribes, misused nonprofit funds and abused his power as mayor, to steer an astounding amount of business to a best friend. He had affairs, elaborate strip parties, spa weekends, took jet-setting trips to Las Vegas at his leisure and had his entire family on the payroll at Detroit’s city hall.

There were a lot of key players on Kilpatrick’s team and their sentencing day will follow next week, including his father Bernard Kilpatrick who faces up to three years in prison on a single tax charge.

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Former Detroit Mayor going back to jail!!!

Kwame Kilpatrick

Former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick was found guilty of multiple counts of racketeering and extortion, a jury decided Monday. Kilpatrick was convicted of 24 charges, including racketeering, extortion, attempted extortion, bribery, mail fraud, wire fraud and filing false tax returns. Both Kilpatrick and contractor Bobby Ferguson were found guilty on most counts. Kilpatrick’s 71-year-old father, Bernard Kilpatrick, was only found guilty of one tax count.

Jurors deliberated for 15 days before announcing that they were ready to vote on a verdict. The 12 members of this jury have spent 79 hours total deliberating all the details from the five-month trial.

All three men maintained stoic exteriors as the verdicts were read over seven minutes’ time. The former Detroit mayor was convicted of 24 out of 30 total charges. Contractor Bobby Ferguson was convicted of nine out of 11 total counts. The jury reached a unanimous decision on 45 of 50 total felony charges levied by prosecutors.

A bond hearing for all three men will take place this afternoon. According to the Detroit Free Press, the U.S. Attorney’s Office will ask that the three men will be detained while the appeal process occurs. Sentencing will likely not occur for several months.