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From Newark’s Superman to the U.S. Senate


Newark Mayor Cory Booker has his sights set on greener pastures and it’s definitely beyond Broad Street in Newark, New Jersey. The second term Mayor of the brick city, formerly announced he’s in the race to finish the U.S. Senate term of the late Frank Lautenberg.

It seems as if Booker has lost his zest for the city of Newark and is no longer challenged by the constant antics for seeking media attention and prestige off of its good citizens. Guess he was tired of leaping into burning buildings by a single bound and saving senior citizens from fires that were never set ablaze.

Booker, 44, felt a political void and “played out” with nothing left to do in using a city of people who were no longer of interest to him. Aside from his alleged 1.4 million followers on Twitter and the fade of his failed reality show, Booker has long since been searching for something new. He’s tired of exploiting Newark as “YA-Mayor-ship; therefore Booker has to try and light those political embers again to prove his relevance.

Lautenberg’s corpse is not even set in his grave good and already the political vultures are vying for his seat.

My question is, what has Corey Booker done for the city of Newark that would define his legacy and set his trail to the Senate seat?

In my opinion, I think he’s fanned the flames but never put out the fire!

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So “Corey Booker” is a Crook just like the rest of em…

I thought he was Newark’s night and shining armor? I thought he was able to leap tall buildings by a single bound? I thought he was faster than a speeding bullet? Especially when he was all over Newark during last year’s snow storm, aiding the elderly and helping Newark residents get plowed out. But it turns out Newark Mayor Corey Booker, is a shyster just like the rest of them.

Chaos and confusion broke out last Wednesday (November 21) in a Newark city council meeting when Mayor Booker, did some dirty political maneuvering to break a tie vote between John Sharpe James by making the deciding vote with his council allies for Shanique Davis Speight (inset photo), his longtime friend.  Booker’s actions caused a near-riot in city hall and Newark residents, in conjunction with union thugz, rushed the stage and lunged at the Booker’s new council crony, Shanique Davis Speight.

After weeks of jockeying for Rep. Donald Payne’s successor, Booker made an unprecedented personal appearance to cast the deciding vote with his council allies for Shanique Davis Speight, despite the angry objections of Newark residents.

One faction of the council wanted to appoint former Newark Mayor Sharpe James’ son, John Sharpe James, who is a vocal opponent of Corey Booker, while another faction allied with Booker preferred Shanique Davis Speight, making the vote between the two; a tie.

After the vote, residents who opposed Speight’s appointment and Corey Booker’s power play started chanting “Cory’s gotta go!” while Muhammad a union leader, who is a male, led a mob and “stormed the dais and appeared to lunge toward Speight,” who was with her “grade-school-age son.” Officers had to douse Muhammad and other residents with pepper spray to restrain them from doing more damage.

Mayor Booker was criticized for staying in a back room with his staff to avoid the mob scene. If he had nothing to hide, he would have addressed the people boldly; and stood by his position and his decision.

Sounds like Corey Booker’s “star is fading fast” and his heroic efforts of supposedly saving his neighbor from her burning home is a thing of the past.