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Vote for my children’s book “Just call me Sophia”


For a second year in a row my children’s book “Just call me Sophia” has been chosen first stage voting for Walmart’s “get on the shelf competition.

If you have a Facebook account  I ask that you follow the link below or any of the voting links in this post and VOTE!!!

The Walmart judges will use the total vote (s) as an indicator of public support. So again, I ask that you follow the link below and VOTE!!!!

VOTE for “Just call me Sophia” and continue to share the voting link with your ONLINE friends.

As always I “thank you” in advance for your support.


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Gabby Douglas tells Oprah: I was bullied & called a slave during early gymnastics training in VA…

The Olympic gold medalist who took home the gold for her individual performance and for her work as part of the American team, tells the talk show host that things got so bad, she threatened to quit. That’s because the devil knew what was in store for her. 

“I felt I was being bullied and isolated from the group and they treated me not how they would treat their other teammates,” Douglas told Winfrey during the interview. “I definitely felt isolated. I felt like, why am I deserving this? “Is it because I’m black? Like, those thoughts would go through my mind.”

Mm, wonder how those heifers are treating her now?

Douglas, who scored two gold medals at this summer’s London Olympics, added that some of her teammates at her native Virginia Beach, Va., gym would sometimes use racial slurs against her.

“One of my teammates was like, ‘Could you scrape the bar?” she recalled. “And they were like, ‘Why doesn’t Gabby do it, she’s our slave?”

Earlier this summer, Douglas’ hairstyle became a point of discussion among Olympic fans, a fact that mystified the athlete.

“Where’s this coming from? Are you kidding me? What’s this about my hair,” she told the Daily News. “I gel it up, put some clips in it and put it in a bun. People shouldn’t be worried about that.”

To overcome cruelty, prejudice and adversity from people outside your race is one thing but to be criticized and ridiculed by your own people about something so petty as her hair, is just ridiculous!

Gabby sat down with Oprah last night on OWN. To read more of that interview click here!

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Have You Voted For “Just call me Sophia?”

To my loyal Ceo Blog Readers,

As you may know, my Production Company (ReadyWriter) has entered my children’s book “Just call me Sophia” into Wal-Mart’s “get on the shelf” competition.  We are one of many eager entrepreneurs in a fierce competition in having the opportunity to have our product shelved at Wal-Mart.

Therefore, in our vigorous campaign efforts, we must ask, if you’ve voted for “Just call me Sophia” yet?

The deadline for voting is April 3, 2012 at midnight. if you haven’t voted, we ask that you do so at www.readywriterproductioncompany.com by clicking the Wal-Mart link on our website. Your options are to vote via text, Facebook or twitter.

We’ve received a lot of email correspondence from those who do not have access to Facebook or twitter accounts, however we have no control that this is the voting format Wal-Mart has chosen. Trust me, we wish there were more options provided.

We ‘thank you’ in advance for your support; as we conclude with this endeavor.