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Men Hide Your Women! Pastor Jamal Bryant is Headed to NBMBC in Atlanta!!!

Embattled prosperity preacher Jamal Bryant is heading to Atlanta. Bryant has accepted an offer to become senior pastor at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church, outside of Atlanta.

Bryant, the controversial pastor at the Empowerment Temple AME Church in Baltimore, MD., will take over as spiritual leader at New Birth in Lithonia, Georgia. The megachurch, which boasts 10,000 members, was founded by Bishop Eddie Long who died from an aggressive form of cancer in 2017.

A former NAACP youth director, Bryant, 47, was a civil rights leader in Baltimore. He led protests after the shooting death of Trayvon Martin in Florida.

But Bryant’s personal life has been the source of rampant gossip and blog fodder for years.

Bryant was shamed publicly in 2016 after he allegedly fathered a baby with a member of his flock.

LaToya Odom claims Bryant is the father of her son. Odom says she was pressured to abort the beautiful baby boy, whom Bryant refused to see.

At the time, Bryant was still married to reality TV star Gizelle Bryant, one of the stars of Real Housewives of Potomac. The Bryants share 3 daughters.

Bryant was also accused of fathering a child with a 17-year-old woman while married to Gizelle.

In her divorce filing, Gizelle accused the randy pastor of adultery, cruelty, and “excessive vicious conduct” that caused “unreasonable apprehension of bodily suffering so as to render cohabitation unsafe,” according to an article in The Sun newspaper.

Bryant was also widely criticized for his flashy materialistic lifestyle, which included a Bentley and a multi-million-dollar Canton waterfront property.

Bryant later admitted his infidelity and begged his congregation for forgiveness.

He told congregants during his three sermons on Sunday that he is leaving for a new position in Atlanta.

He will preach his final sermon at the Empowerment Temple on Dec. 2.

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RIP: Bishop Eddie Long


Bishop Eddie Long has lost his battle with cancer, a New Birth Baptist Church spokesperson confirmed in a statement on Sunday. He was 63.

The church released a statement on Sunday, saying Mr. Long waged a “gallant private fight with an aggressive form of cancer.”.

The controversial preacher was the subject of many rampant rumors in his final months. He reportedly suffered from an aggressive form of duodenal adenocarcinoma (cancer of the small intestine), according to a church insider.

Duodenal adenocarcinoma is rare and deadly because it is often caught too late and spreads rapidly. The prognosis for this form of cancer is poor.

Since the tumor is located at the beginning of the small intestine, it sometimes blocks food from entering the intestine from the stomach.

Long is survived by his wife, Vanessa Long, his four children and three grandchildren.

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God Has Healed Bishop Eddie Long (It’s a Miracle)

bishop-eddie-long-550x307Bishop Eddie Long is back from the brink of death. Rumor had it that Long was suffering from an aggressive form of cancer of the small intestine.

Speculation ran rampant after Long, 63, published a Facebook video attempting to explain his sudden weight loss. Rumor mongers even said he flew to the jungles of Colombia to seek a miracle cure. Well now he’s back, and he’s looking better and healthier than ever.

In a new YouTube video, Long shared his blessings with his congregation at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church.

I had some health issues and God has healed me,” he said, as his congregation cheered wildly.

As his wife, Vanessa Griffin, stood by his side, Long called for pain sufferers to “jump in the aisle”.

I declare pain can not bombard the temple of the Holy Ghost,” he said.

The father-of-4 called for pain sufferers to meet him at the altar.

Many in the audience stepped forward as the Lord used Eddie Long as a healing vessel.

Watch the video below.

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Bishop Eddie Long Responds to Reports, That He’s Dying of a Terminal Illness

eddie-long-550x445Bishop Eddie Long and New Birth Missionary Baptist Church responded to rampant reports that he is hospitalized with a terminal illness.

Rumor has it that Long is on his death bed at an undisclosed Atlanta hospital.

The mega church released a statement to the media on Tuesday, hours after supporters called on church members to pray for Long.

The statement reads:

“I am recovering from a health challenge that I trust God to deliver me from. It is unrelated to the eating for life diet consisting of mostly raw vegetables that I am continuing, as part of a holistic approach to good health”.

At this time my family and I are requesting that you respect our privacy.

I truly appreciate your prayers and support for me, my loved ones and my beloved New Birth Church Family.”

Rumors began swirling when the embattled preacher uploaded a video to his Facebook page that revealed his shocking weight loss.

In the video posted on Aug. 12, the charismatic preacher, who once tipped the scales at a robust 239 pounds, explained that he was taking medicine to help boost his immune system.

“I’m on the medicine that God gave you to feed your immune system to build you up,” he said. “You know what, if you really want to move through this world and have influence you gotta be spiritual and you have to walk by His commandments and you have to be healthy.”

He also said he was avoiding a “slave diet” of fast food.

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He said: “He was Eddie Long’s First Lady”


Centino Kemp (pictured on the left), one of five young men to come forward with accusations of sexual misconduct against Bishop Eddie Long just announced that he has finished with his book about the long ordeal…

Centino Kemp gives you an in-depth look into the pain, sorrow, trials, and triumphs of his first twenty-two years on this earth, and how he ultimately came to be known as his lovers “First Lady”.

“The First Lady” is the life story of Centino Kemp. A talented young man born in the Bahamas, it explores Kemp’s upbringing in a highly Christian family.

As a youth, he longs to find closeness with his family that is sorely missing, all while coping with the absence of his father. Centino’s adverse relationships with the male figures in his life or lack of, combined with the in and out role of his mother’s presence while in his adolescence, led to his struggles with his own sexuality. Then at the tender age of sixteen, Centino heads to the United States to attend a University in Florida. Alone in this new country, minus guidance or a nurturing figure, Centino is seduced by a powerful religious figure who becomes not only the father figure he never had, but also his lover for six very long and intense years.

His soul becomes tortured as he forced to deal with a realm of emotions and situations he never thought he would ever encounter. In this story of love, lust, power, extravagant living, travel, betrayal, deceit, rape, down-low homosexual lifestyle, molestation, church corruption, secret societies, suicide attempts and religion.

Stay tuned, Centino Kemps book will be coming to a book store near you.