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  1. Former Cosby Actress Bum Rushed Him….Seriously?


    April 10, 2018 by The ReadyWriter

    Nicolle Rochelle, a 39-year-old actress who appeared in four episodes of “The Cosby Show” charged at Bill Cosby as he arrived …
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  2. BREAKING: Jury in Bill Cosby Trial Deadlocked


    June 15, 2017 by The ReadyWriter

    The jury in the Bill Cosby sexual assault case sent word to the judge that they are hopelessly deadlocked on …
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  3. Bill Cosby Paranoid as trial set to start


    June 5, 2017 by The ReadyWriter

    As the sexual assault trial is due to begin in the Cosby case, sources close to the comedian state, that …
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  4. America’s #1 Dad, Bill Cosby Charged With Sexual Assault.


    December 30, 2015 by The ReadyWriter

    The comedian was charged today for drugging and sexually assaulting a woman at his home 12 years ago — the first criminal …
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  5. Camille Cosby stands by her man!


    December 16, 2014 by The ReadyWriter

    Comedian Bill Cosby, has responded to reports that her husband is a serial rapist. Mrs. Cosby released a statement to …
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