Have you ever come out of character in your relationship? Tonight’s topic on “Conversations Of A Sistah”

Anger with her bat

Our relationships can sometimes be rocky and dramatic, even lethal to a point. Take for example the CA dermatologist accused of poisoning her husband with Drano in the midst of their bitter divorce and child custody battle. We all know how a scorned woman can be vindictive to the point of violence or deviance. Not to say all women are violent or destructive but I believe the thoughts are there to provoke such behavior.

Some of my cronies believe these behaviors can be displayed and acted upon when the relationship is tested, while others believe it’s already there within.

Tune in tonight at 6:30 p.m. on Conversations Of A Sistah on YouTube for this discussion. To add your 2cents or share your experience, you can phone into the studio at 973-664-7810.

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73 thoughts on “Have you ever come out of character in your relationship? Tonight’s topic on “Conversations Of A Sistah””

      1. Another man is not gonna mess with another man’s car. Busting out windows and fucking up cars is a female/woman is angry/jealous/hateful trait. 9x outa 10 if ya man’s car is jacked up another woman is somewhere in the mix. Now is she outta character? Maybe.

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      1. Just know that some of the things I did in my relationships is when I was YOUNG and DUMB I don’t do them anymore! But if my soul could speak. JESUS!!

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    1. Morning Fam.
      I’m anxious to hear some stories cause if a female ever busted my windows or flatted my tires I’m done. Ain’t dealing with that BS out of character or not.


    2. Sup.
      He pissed me off once and I busted in the FRONT window of his car and broke off his wind shield wipers and cut my hand in the process. and he married me 🙂


      1. Every woman’s dream is to bust that FRONT window in his car, that is the most expensive window to get fixed. That’s money.


    3. Morning All.
      If you ever come outta character, pull yourself together and leave that person alone. Some people can pull you to the brink. seriously. Even ya man the very people we love.


    1. Same here…after 30 years of marriage he did something that took me totally out of character. My actions surprised him and me too!! Decided to file for a divorce because I’m not going to jail behind nobody. Can’t take that chance with my life.

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  1. Yes women can be provoked into doing the most. When my man’s window was broke every week, I knew that his side piece was sending a message to me, that he was fu***ng her on the side. I got the message alright and left his ass what??? ALONE. that was the only character that was coming outta me. See ya.

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    1. I might leave him alone but I have to do something to ease my anger. something. once i ice picked all 4 of his tires. yes I did.


    1. AGREED when my uncle cheated on my aunt, she pulled a waiting to exhale and threw my uncles clothes out on the front lawn. she didn’t burn them but she threw his shit out. Now that for me, was out of character for her but he cheated on her and she was hurt. so I got it.


  2. No man or woman should want to see their partner come out of character. If there’s love and respect, you should always be able to find your way back, if it wasn’t that bad. But only if it’s worth it.

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  3. I might come out of character toward him but never fighting another woman. I think a man should never put you in that type of predicament. That’s some BS

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    1. She’s hilarious with her conversation but truthfully infidelity will take people out of character. But I hollered when she said she would of burn the back seat of the 🚗 😂🤣😅

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      1. Well she was truthful with her intent. This guy was harboring gifts for his mistress. That was pretty bold


    1. Tracy was dignified about hers. But I’m sure there’s possibly more to that story….I wonder if she’s still with this dude.


  4. wooo chile this is one conversation that was so real. people will push you to the limit. and YAS we have ALL been there at some point or another. good, bad or indifferent.

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  5. This discussion/topic was right on point. I came out of character when I saw my boyfriend in a restaurant with some chick having dinner. Well I went off right there at their table then dumped his drink in his lap🤐😏


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