Happy New Year!! Let’s Test this Talk

Good afternoon Conversationers

I’ve been out of the blog talk life for a minute. It’s been a busy and trying 2 years but I’m going to ease my way back into my blog talk radio spot. This Stella really needs to get her groove back. Take a listen and talk to me.

78 thoughts on “Happy New Year!! Let’s Test this Talk”

  1. Happy New Year Blog Queen. It’s soooo good seeing you. Let’s do this gurl I’ve missed your conversation. Look at you looking like the goddess that you are πŸ™‚

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  2. Screaming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I missed you!!! Happy New Year!!!!
    Welcome back!!!
    Where have you been??


  3. Yes Tracy a lot has popped off since you exited left.
    Welcome back.
    Welcome home.
    Even if you don’t keep doing the show, hell the conversations you write are good enough

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      1. i think it’s wrong to make people get the jab or lose their job but hey. biden ain’t shit with his old ass


      2. I agree, people should not be forced to get the vaccine while their lively hood id threatened. But hey to each his own.


  4. OMG!!!! So happy you’re back!
    Happy 2022!
    what has been going on in your world?
    Did you get married and have a loong honeymoon?
    Where have you been???


    1. Whats good people? Tracy look GOOD!! she’s right it’s been a minute. wonder whatz been up that she stepped off in the 1st place. she glowin and shit.


    2. Hey Fam. Tracy finally decided to tend to this blog. did she not realize she left us hanging too? Let me look around. Time for a roll call πŸ™‚ where’s Daisy? and 2thick?


    3. Good morning. What’s up y’all.
      Happy New Year!!!
      Tracy looks FAB!!! So glad she resurfaced looking like the blog diva that she is……..
      The conversations will be ***** this year!!


    4. Hey Y’all. It’s crowded up in here. I see y’all. Looks like Tracy popped in finally to talk about something. LOL! Happy New Year my peoples. Good to see everyone. Hellur

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  5. Tracy her name is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and she’s in congress not a council woman LOL πŸ™‚ you are too funny. Good to see you!! OMG I’m glad you showing up finally!!

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