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Election 2020-The lesser of two evils, R-U Ready? Tonight on “Conversations Of A Sistah”

Election 2020 is just 5 days away and with so much happening in the country, this election is pivotal in the middle of a global pandemic. Over a half million Americans have already cast their vote in a race that’s been pitted between a divide in parties. One party rolling in denial of this global pandemic, while others are living it according to the CDC guidelines religiously

The president continues to stoop to new lows to undermine the American people concerning this election, from voter fraud to mail-in voting fraud, to we’re turning the corner of this pandemic to creating scandals and narratives with no factual evidence. The stakes are high and the drama is real.

The electoral system has long been broken. And while voting for the lesser of two evils is a necessary act in this election process, of greater importance is the need to rethink and reshape the societal structures that force us to make such an offensive decision in the first place. 

Join our host, Ms. Tracy L. Bell on “Conversations Of A Sistah” at 6:30 p.m. EST for our topic “Election 2020-The lesser of 2 evils, R-U Ready?

We hope to see you on the air!

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65 thoughts on “Election 2020-The lesser of two evils, R-U Ready? Tonight on “Conversations Of A Sistah””

  1. Is anyone upset in the way he is using our DOJ department as his personal lawyers to fight his court cases that has nothing to do with his office as president. Yet Biden abused thΓ© office.


  2. Tracy….Tracy….Tracy I’ve missed you!!!!!!
    Can’t wait to hear tonight’s show!!!!
    I’m sooooooo happy!!!
    People Please vote and vote early if you can.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Excited my gurl is back
      Hey Everyone
      Election is a hot topic of conversation and while we all have our own views and opinions let be mindful and respectful of that.


    1. BBallen, did you see where Leslie Stahl is getting death threats because of his interview on 60 minutes?? His followers are pathetic!!


      1. Nobody ever talks about how Obama cut funding for HBCUs. Bush before him had granted extra funding and his ass cut it. Trump restored it. Why don’t the Obama fans ever touch that?


      2. Obama didn’t do shit for Black folk we know but he looks better right now than who is occupying the white house now!!! the orange face clown who don’t care that 220k and counting people have died from this virus.


  3. Trace wassup.
    I’m tuning in, Trump will get another 4 years…..the best thing to do is try and get Trump more for black people


    1. Trump is truly for all people, including our community. He would not get my vote this November if he were not. The Democrats are not for the black community, and they only come around every four years to pander for the black vote, they have done absolutely nothing for our community, they are working overtime to open our borders to mass migration, they want free everything, which we will pay for, and we will look exactly like Venezuela. If the Democrats were to win in November, which they won’t, you think this whole planned-demic we are seeing now is horrible, then we have not scratched the surface of what these people will do to our country, and it won’t be pretty, PERIODT.


      1. Kat,
        I was done with Biden years ago when he ok’d he son sleeping with his dead brother’s wife. That shit is sick


  4. Obama got my vote in 2008, and I have not voted since, because this man did nothing but lie to get elected. I am voting this year, because our freedom and livelihood truly rests on this year’s presidential election.

    And can someone get word to the celebrities to quit telling us how the hell to live, stay safe, and we’re in this together while they don’t have a worry in the world. Now, if they want to help me out with my monthly bills, then I might listen…might.


  5. I am glad Ice Cube is not kissing the backside of the Democratic Party who’s pimped Black voters for over 55 years. The Democratic Party is worse than Pimps in the Pulpit.😁😁😁

    Both Trump and Biden are too old azz crazy white men. However, I voted for Trump because he’s the only President to stand up and speak out on illegal aliens crossing our borders in millions transforming traditional middle class Black neighborhoods into barrios.

    Political correctness is out of control in the USA and people shouldn’t be afraid to speak and say what’s on their mind even if it offends me.

    Tuning in


  6. “Well, I’ll tell you what, if you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black,” Joe Biden. πŸ˜†


  7. What I wanna know is……what is Biden going to do SPECIFICALLY for the Descendants of Black American Slaves. The group who is at the bottom of all other groups economically, academically and socially?


    1. More importantly what are you going to do for yourself? Stop waiting for a hand-out from these politicians. They don’t owe us JACK!!!! Get ya own, build ya own for your own.!! Periodt


      1. Hello @Q!!!!
        Our people need to wake up and realize there is not much difference between the Republicans and Democrats. NONE of them have done a darn thing for us.

        We need to Look out for US!!!.STOP giving our votes to a party who don’t do for us, But you’ll still tap dance hoping they gonna give that 40 acres and a mule.

        NOPE. We have paid TRILLIONS into this country. And FREE labor. Time for the payback!!



  8. VOTE people VOTE!!!
    For some unknown reason white supremacists think Trump is the savior of the white race. They must know something we don’t.

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      1. Biden’s tax cut is what’s turning folk off. But Covid is killing Trump. The whole handling of the pandemic is not a good look.


  9. Trump is protected by his presidency, this is why he said he leaving country if he loses!!! He was protected as president as soon as he loses them lawsuits will be flying in!! And the law will be coming for him.


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