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“No Respect – Teacher vs. Student” – Tonight on “Conversations Of A Sistah”

A Maryland teacher (pictured above), was arrested and booked into the county jail after she was caught on video fighting a student in her classroom.

The teacher, Vivian Noirie, 36, was charged with child abuse and assaulting the student at Largo High School. The fight occurred last Friday, Nov. 15, when the student confronted Noirie after she contacted her parents the day before. Cell phone video footage shows the teacher repeatedly punching and kicking the student, who eventually fights back.

The video is both disgraceful and disturbing. In reviewing the video you couldn’t tell the teacher from the student, although the teacher appears to be dressed for a fight.

After the student is pulled off of the teacher, she can be heard screaming at her and calling her a bitch, as if she were her teachers equal. Where should the lines be drawn? Where is the RESPECT?

Tune in at 6:30 p.m. EST with our host, Ms. Tracy L. Bell for her commentary – “No Respect – Teacher vs. Student” on “Conversations Of A Sistah

70 thoughts on ““No Respect – Teacher vs. Student” – Tonight on “Conversations Of A Sistah””

  1. They couldn’t pay me well enough to teach these teenagers today. They are doggedly disrespectful and angry. They go to school only as an outlet to release their anger that is pent up at home and let out on other people. They not acting like this with their parents and they know the teachers have more to lose. These kids do not want to learn how to be respectful so what the sense in teaching anyway?


  2. Many parents are sending their children to school just to get them out of the house so they don’t have to deal with them. This is sad on so many levels. 😥

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  3. They need to put some other provisions in place for teachers if they are not going to pay them enough to deal with these kinds of kids.

    However, that teacher done fought some real fights back in the day for sure.

    Last, how did the person recording know that mess was about to pop off!

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      1. O_o what nerve the kid had for approaching her at all. But maybe she saw the teacher as a kid. Her equal. But that shove. O_o Nah I would of had to beat her ass too.


  4. The teacher will most assuredly get fired but rest assured she took that jacket off and told her, “oh, Ima beat your ass” and did just that. 🤷🏽‍♀️😅


  5. i feel bad for that teacher. beating up kids is never right and its a felony. now, these kids need a foot, a slap and kick in their ass too. of course you can`t do it. i could never teach these black kids in public schools. most have no respect for anything and its starts at home. bad situation all way around. she kicked her in the back like a ninja…Just wow.

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  6. Sigh MD on the news again lol 😆
    But the student bumped the teacher like she had a prior issue with her.. and learned the hard way..


      1. The video clearly shows the student push the teacher hard and stomp on her foot. Her heavy ass deserved an azz beating.


      2. i knew that student was the aggressor when it said she confronted the teacher about calling her parents. who does that?! defeats the whole purpose…lets be real. the teacher gave her the beating her parents were probably too scared to do. i cant blame them though. id just kick my daughter out if she got that big and disrespectful as hell. she is NOT going to be whooping my azz. Oh hell Naw


      3. The student was “GUNNING” for that ass whopping. I read the CNN article as well and she clearly antagonized the teacher.


  7. Years ago, when I was a substitute teacher ..I learned that you have to come to class ready to run or fight. That big old girl had threatened the teacher and bumped her and stepped on her toes. I have foot problems and might have struck out. I’m not going to lie. I normally would run but if the student kept bullying me and harms me…shit may have to go down.

    Looking at that video, I thought that 38 year old teacher was 15. She gave her big ass girl work out punches to the head and a kick in the back. Then she railed on her. It looked like a person fed up with threats. It’s sad it came down to the student learning that you can get a beat-down from your teacher.


  8. they need to bring back the alternative schools for the bad kids. that student confronted her for calling her parents likely about these very disciplinary problems she showcased here.
    the school should remove aggressive and volatile kids and place them in the alternative schools with cops on every hallway like they used to. the u.s. school systems tried the “inclusion method” with the special ed kids in general classes for the last couple decades and it did not work (case and point – this video). end of subject.


  9. Sorry but these schools have become war zones. They are high stress dangerous environments. If a teacher upsets a kid they don’t know if that kid will come back,and shoot up the school or wanna fight.

    These schools need to be 0 tolerance zones. Anyone who shows aggressive or violent behavior needs to be forced into the adult high school at the technical college or online programs. Once you assault the teacher or students you should lose the privilege to sit amongst those that know how to behave.


  10. Real simple, respect is 2 ways..

    I can only take so much..

    If you don’t won’t your ass beat, keep your hands to yourself and watch your mouth lil girls and boys.


  11. The student stepped on the teacher’s foot and purposefully pushed her with her elbow. Prior to that she was antagonizing the teacher.

    From the article on CNN:

    “The student, who is in Noirie’s Spanish class, told a detective that she wanted to talk to Noirie about an email her mother received the night before about the student’s behavior, according to a court document.

    The girl told police that Noirie wouldn’t speak with her without a third party because the student was “being hostile” toward the teacher. The student said she followed Noirie around the room, trying to get her to talk.

    Noirie told the girl to sit down several times, but she didn’t because she “wanted answers,” the court document said.

    The girl told police she accidentally stepped on the teacher’s foot while following her around, and then bumped into her shoulder as she pushed past Noirie to leave the room.”

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    1. LOL…. 😆

      Felicia, the whole write up points to “guilty” and at 17 u can be tried as an adult for shit, so let’s stop referring to this big bitch as a “child” – her big ass is lying and the video proves it. I’m glad she got stomped out…if it was me she would have gotten stabbed, too.


  12. Everyone keeps saying this is a child…….so that excuses her behavior to act belligerent in the classroom? A child eventually becomes an adult. Her nasty rude behavior then carries on into adulthood and then what will be the excuse? These kids nowadays are disrespectful AF, they know no boundaries, and their parents either excuse their behavior or are too damn meek to control their child because they thought the sassy, rude behavior was cute when they were younger. Teachers are there to teach. Not to play referee or to deal with disrespectful kids who want to fight them. Half of these kids can barely practice proper hygiene but want to put their musty hands on a teacher. Then to top it off the administration doesn’t protect the teachers and coddle the kids by refusing to suspend or expel them. I was supposed to teach years ago when I first got out of college but my dad said “nope, don’t even do it”. That was one of the best pieces of advice he ever gave me because if a student tried to fight me, I’m throwing hands and then pulling up at the house to fight the mama too.


  13. That’s what’s wrong with some adults, men and women. Some can’t control themselves and stoop to the level of a kid. We have men messing with young girls because they look or act grown and vice versa and we have adults fighting a teenager because they had words and she bumped her on purpose. She could have easily had her removed or suspended.That bump was not worth your job, respect, or jail. I guess you showed that 17 year old huh? Stupid!

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    1. i agree with you. that teacher should have been proactive and responsible and called for backup and administrators and cops BEFORE that bump and foot stomp ever happened. we all know where it was all headed with that big azz wildabeast bioch.


    2. That teacher beat that gurl down like she stole something. like Tra said she beat her violently which is why she’s being brought up on charges


    1. First of all, I couldn’t believe what i seeing on that video. That teacher was clearly frustrated with the student who was a really big gurl. O_o and the student had NO RESPECT for her teacher. Her attitude was evident that she had a problem.


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