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“Has Religion Brainwashed Black People into Forgiving?” Tonight on “Conversations Of A Sistah”

Black people didn’t know what to think after Botham Jean’s brother hugged the former Dallas cop who took his brother’s life in a deadly case of mistaken identity.

Last Tuesday a jury convicted Amber Guyger of murder in the fatal shooting of her upstairs neighbor. She claimed she mistook his apartment for her own after working a 13-hour shift on Sept. 6, 2018.

Prosecutors showed the jury racist text messages and racially offensive memes on Guyger’s social media accounts.

Guyger, 31, was sentenced to 10 years in prison on Wednesday, Oct. 2.

During his victim impact testimony, Jean’s brother, Brandt Jean told Guyger, who is white, that he forgives her and didn’t want her to go to prison. “I love you as a person, and I don’t wish anything bad on you,” Brandt said.

After his testimony, Brandt gave Guyger an emotional embrace that stunned social media.

There was more odd behavior in the courtroom. A Black bailiff was seen stroking and primping Guyger’s hair after her guilty verdict was announced.

The courtroom behavior angered many and confused others.

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55 thoughts on ““Has Religion Brainwashed Black People into Forgiving?” Tonight on “Conversations Of A Sistah””

  1. Yes!!!
    I think Christians feel obligated to do so. But fuck that not someone who killed a loved one. That kid is young. But that scene in the courtroom made me sick to my stomach 🤮🤮


  2. Yea black folks have been brainwashed especially the characters in this courtroom trial. From the black judge to the bailiff. They should all do a tour “cooning for christ”


  3. This is why black parents say stay in a child’s place. he should have NEVER gotten his ass up there! Ahhh this pisses me off!

    Tuning in Tra……that’s wassup with this topic

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  4. Since he felt so sorry for her, he should do her time. 😡 lil dumb ass.
    Forgiveness is personal yes. but has that racist heifer repented? I mean really? I’m more curious to know why he forgave her so quickly?

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      1. He has to be because his response was crazy. Wanting to hug her😯🤨😡. Waiting to hear Tra


  5. I would forgive her MAYBE 200 years from now, 😡 when I’ve been reincarnated about 2-3 times.
    I bet he NEVER gave his own people this level of forgiveness or mercy.


      1. They treated the killer like she was the damn victim. and the family didn’t represent their dead brother and son at all. smdh


  6. Whoo! A white woman can kill a black man and he STILL respects her but let a black woman sneeze wrong…..we get dragged for filth.



  7. Excellent Topic Ms. Bell!!!!
    Stockholm syndrome & post traumatic slave syndrome with a touch of trauma-based on psychological programming aka Christianity thrown in. Ugh.

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  8. I never want to comment on how a family grieves, but how can you say you “love her as a person” and it was proven in court that she was a murderer, drunkard and bigot?

    How can you forgive a person who is part of a legacy that started SLAVE PATROLS.

    Many Christians do not think, they just accept. They preach all day long about vice and the devil, yet they embrace a devil and all that is behind the devil’s servant in the name of forgiveness. Forgiveness is not to precede repentance and judgment.


  9. What is so sick and twisted about this is…….The murdered victims father said… he would like to be friends with the white female ex cop who killed his high achieving son🙄🤡The brother is hugging her and if he could he would be having sex with her. 😡 yes something very wrong with these people. Botham probably rolling over in his grave. Tracy you touch on all points on this subject.


    1. Yes last night’s commentary was good but….
      I’m not going to condemn a family for how they choose to respond, especially not a child who lost his older brother. FORGIVENESS IS RELATIVE…people can forgive however they need to for their own spirit…and nobody knows what remorse this monster has relayed to them just because details haven’t been leaked. To hate on the family for any reason is ludicrous. I said it couldn’t be me and kept it moving…it didn’t make me give anyone the side eye or feel any less sympathy for the family….people are weird.


      1. GM Ladies,
        To Tracy’s point on last night’s podcast……It’s not their forgiveness that have ppl giving them side eyes and harsh words, it is their public display of affection for their loved one’s killer. It is one thing to tell someone that you hope they do better and be a better person, it is another to say that you think they shouldn’t even serve any prison time and give them a deep, warm and welcoming hug. The worst part is that the recipient of this abundance of affection has not expressed any sorrow or remorse.

        Jesus flipped tables and went on a rampage for ppl selling in a temple, he called his enemies dogs, as in filthy, dirty, smelly dogs. God wiped out male infants and toddlers kin to the enemy of His adherents. Forgiveness is one thing, but the personalities of Jesus and God tells me anger is a justified response in applicable situations and your enemies are not your friends or to be befriended.


      2. Daisy,
        You do realize as hard as it sounds forgiveness is choosing to forgive. Not a few years from now or when she has proven herself and shown remorse. Forgiveness is about you choosing to love this person and forgiving them whether they change or not. I haven’t mastered it yet, but that’s really what forgiveness is about


    2. This is nothing short of disturbing to me on a couple of levels. I understand the meaning of forgiveness (at least I thought I did). But it would not come in such a public, & physical form. She’d have to be in jail a few years before I even began to open up to the idea. She’d have to show me & my family that she is truly remorseful. He’ll marry one of her kind eventually. He’s so silly, he may even marry her upon her release. I’m done w/this family. These coconuts need to go back to St. Lucia., being an American born black, isn’t for the faint of heart, we built different.


      1. Exactly.
        Not 1 time did I hear her ask for forgiveness or a hug. He begged to hug her it was sickening to watch. Clown behavior. He said too much unnecessary things.


    1. Gurl Palease!!!
      This is all public theater in an effort to get the majority of black people to take cues on how we should react to continued abuse and state-sanctioned murder. Not gon’ work. Not gonna happen 😡 FOH


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