Ethics Complaint Filed Against Judge Who Hugged Amber Guyger and Gave Her Bible

An ethics complaint has been filed against a Dallas, Texas judge who hugged former cop Amber Guyger and gave her a Bible following her guilty verdict on Wednesday.

Guyger, who is white, was found guilty of murder and sentenced to 10 years in prison for fatally shooting 26-year-old accountant Botham Jean, an unarmed Black man who was relaxing in his own apartment when Guyger barged in.

Judge Tammy Kemp fueled outrage when she embraced Guyger in court and handed her a Bible after Guyger was sentenced on Wednesday, Oct. 2.

The judge’s actions prompted many to question why Black defendants aren’t treated the same way.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation filed an ethics complaint against the judge with the Texas State Commission on Judicial Conduct on Thursday.

The FFRF group said Kemp went too far by embracing the former cop in court and praying with her before Guyger was shipped off to prison.

The FFRF called Judge Kemp’s behavior inappropriate and unconstitutional.

After a victim impact statement by Jean’s brother, Brandt Jean, he told Guyger he loved her and embraced her.

Then Kemp embraced Guyger and spoke with her before leaving the courtroom and returning with her personal Bible.

She turned the pages to John 3:16 and told Guyger, “This is where you start.” She continued, saying, “He has a purpose for you,” referring to God.

In the complaint, the FFRF said Judge Kemp, “Handled a difficult trial with grace” but that she “signaled to everyone watching… that she is partial to Christian reform and Christian notions of forgiveness.”

Legal experts have noted that the hug and the Bible could cause a conflict if Guyger files an appeal, which her attorneys have stated she will.

Other legal experts weighed in, saying Kemp’s actions bordered on judicial misconduct.

“I did not see why the judge did what she did,” said C. Victor Lander, a former municipal judge who spent 27 years behind the bench.

“Once there’s an appearance that the judges are not impartial, we lose our entire criminal justice system,” Lander said.

15 thoughts on “Ethics Complaint Filed Against Judge Who Hugged Amber Guyger and Gave Her Bible”

  1. These Fake Woke Christian’s get on my nerves…..
    I betchu that judge wouldn’t forgive Laquetta or Tyrone if they were accused of murder or murdered someone. Her coon ass 😡


  2. when this lovely murderer appeals her conviction, walks free, as killer cops normally do, I also hope this judge reaps what she has sown!

    She allowed the “sudden passion” charge in, which was wrong, and then didn’t uphold her position [impartiality] as a judge and officer of the court, of the highest order!

    Then when she shows absolutely no remorse let’s see how much lil Man will want the best for her and she killed his brother DUMB ASS!!


  3. The more I think about this , I believe it was because she was a former cop and they are all in the same kind of work ethics so this why I think she received special treatment.


    1. Fuck their work ethics!!! No one is above the law!!! Period. That white bitch killed a young, promising black man. Her whole make up was to have pity on me, like the white men did back when they were accusing black men of rape!! Please GTFOH with that one.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Unless you’re giving away bibles, reading scripture and hugging every convicted criminal yo azz is dumb….I couldn’t even watch it after she started reading scripture to her….unfortunately she gone learn today..ole stepping fetching ass

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I’m Christian and I forgive however I don’t make a fool out of myself and I don’t go out of my way to console those who have wronged me and show no remorse. Amber is a racist and she was not sorry. That judge is a BLACK BITCH cause that’s what the white folks will always see her as and trust and believe she would have given a Black police officer all the time possible.

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  6. Bothem’s family, the judge, and the bailiff that moved hair off the beasts face will get the ultimate butt whipping from the Divine Holy Black Ones for being so spineless. Being a sellout goes NOWHERE!


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