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Have Queens now become Kings? The Gender and role switch in today’s society….Tonight on “Conversations Of A Sistah”

We’re back for season ‘7’ of “Conversations Of A Sistah” on Blog Talk radio.

Tonight’s conversations comes after American Idol singer Fantasia Barrino explain “why some women can’t keep a man” after discussing gender roles  in an interview on the Breakfast Club, Monday September 16..

We need more men to stand up and lead the way,” she said. “Most women are trying to be the leader, that’s why you can’t find a man. You can’t be the king in the house. Fall back and be the queen and let your man lead the way.”

The mom-of-2, who is happily married to Kendall Taylor, continued:

“I feel like it’s a generational thing, and we can talk and we can go real deep on that, I don’t need to start that. But it’s a generational curse in how society has placed our men, and women have to stand up and be the mother and the father and the provider. So now, you’re so bad you can’t be told nothing that when the right man comes, you lose him because you’re trying to be the man.”

Join us in the studio at 6:30 p.m. for tonight’s conversationHave Queens now become Kings? The Gender and role switch in today’s society“. Our special guest, Dr. Marquita Johnson, relationship analyst and nationally certified relationship and dating counselor.

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55 thoughts on “Have Queens now become Kings? The Gender and role switch in today’s society….Tonight on “Conversations Of A Sistah””

  1. To sum this one up, at the end of the day Fantasia does have something that 95% of black females, statically speaking, will never have….a husband.


  2. I would never ever take ANY relationship advice from Pickmeisha broads who date down. That’s just “hustling backwards”🤮 I’ve only heard broke ass men who don’t run shit but their mouths try to bamboozle women who are totally out of their league in the first damn place to “submit”. Thankfully I’m allergic to dusty ass disrespectful assclowns like that anyway. Here’s a great video that debunks this domestic violence enabling dis-informative agenda against carefree black women.

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    1. Well dayum gurl😂😂tell us how you really feel. Some woman just wanna be able to say they have a husband. They like how it sounds. But behind closed doors. That’s when shit gets real. Like Marquitta said last night, you never know what goes on behind closed doors.


  3. That message was put out there like a one size fits all and thats dangerous. A man and woman have to be on one accord for that submitting to work. These men out here will have you in an open marriage, swinging and still be cheating and having side pieces and be on the DL. Women blindly submitting is why they stay engaged for 20 yrs and have several kids by a man that refuses to marry them. That blind submitting is why African American woman are the fastest growing population with HIV, have the highest single mother hood rate, and the lowest marriage rates of everyone. The message should be that men need to love their wives the way God loves the church so that a woman can submit.
    -Ephesians 5:25

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    1. Preach!!!
      Amen and Amen!!!!

      My sister submitted to a man and had two kids by him, he moved in her coop apartment, didn’t work, lived off her, cheated and never married her all because she put herself in a position of submission for a no good P.O.S. man.

      No thank you I only submit to God.

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    2. Fantasia said submit and all HAIL is breaking loose. Been the talk for a whole week now. are women to independent to submit? WTF?


  4. Some women know the man is no good, and yet still make the decision to procreate with those fools. It’s sad because it only hurt the children.


  5. Many, many a black marriages (or potential marriage) has failed based primarily on the premise that the female refused to even have the appearance that she might be obeying her husband’s wishes.

    Damn shame, and most of the time all for the approval of ole manless bitches who done been discarded by life.

    It is of no wonder why marriage is almost nonexistent for black females today.

    Hard truth, unfortunately…


  6. Fortunately I would not know and to me, obey vs submit are semantics and I have LEGALLY submitted myself to a WORTHY man over 20 years ago, while in my early 20’s.
    I have no dog in this fight, I am blessed!!

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  7. She has some points but I’m sorry, her situation is no different than a rich ugly guy landing a woman who ordinarily wouldn’t pay him no mind, so I can’t take her serious.


  8. The lack of fathers has created generations of males that don’t know how to be the head of their household. They watched their grandmother’s lead, their mothers lead, and now they are waiting for another woman to come and lead them


  9. My mentor taught me not to date fatherless males so I don’t. It may sound cold but it’s not. If a guy wasn’t raised with his father in the house I don’t date him regardless of his race. Because most of the time they don’t know how to be a real man.

    Especially if they were raised by their grandmother they are pretty useless to me. These fatherless males are very feminine you see them on social media acting like women but expect to be respected like a man.

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  10. Tracy I missed you. I ain’t gonna lie 😏tonight’s conversation was off the hook. I believe the generational aspect of what people expect in a relationship. Those are #facts


  11. Marquitta has the best of both worlds. She already has an inside track. She’s a relationship therapist and she knows what she want. She knows that not all relationships are cut from the same cloth. And some expectations are generational. Good show and very informative.

    Tracy you came back with a strong convo. Like we knew you would baby gurl


  12. Tracy I’m just glad you’re back. I want you to pull out all of those Trump supporters now that they’re about to impeach his ass


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