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Jay-Z offers to pay legal fees of Phoenix Couple harassed by police

Billionaire Rap artist Jay-Z is stepping in to offer legal support for the Phoenix couple who was held up at gunpoint by officers because their four-year-old daughter allegedly stole a $1 doll – an incident that the chief of police says is ‘unacceptable’. The philanthropic arm of the rapper’s entertainment company Roc Nation has hired a high-powered attorney to join the legal team that is preparing to sue the city of Phoenix for $10million dollars.

Dravon Ames, 22, and Aisha Harper, 24, parents to two young children, filed a notice of claim on Thursday accusing the police officers of committed battery, unlawful imprisonment, false arrest, and infliction of emotional distress. The police are also accused of violating the couple’s civil rights.. A notice of claim is a legal document filed with courts by a party which intends to bring a lawsuit. Phoenix police released a 16-page incident report accusing the couple of stealing other items from the store.

A passer-by filmed the incident from a far. In their video, the cops are heard yelling: ‘Put your f****** hands up or I’ll put a f****** cap in your head.’

Aisha repeatedly told them that she could not raise her arms because she was holding her baby.

Dravon got out of the car first and was put in handcuffs.

Once Iesha and the children were out of the car, one of the officers approached her aggressively, pointed his finger in her face and yelled: ‘When I tell you to do something, you f****** do it!’ as she held her baby in her arms.

‘I apologized to the family for the interaction and to be honest with you, I’m apologizing to the community too because that is not what should have happened in that circumstance.’

Too little, too late.

You can read the full story here!

38 thoughts on “Jay-Z offers to pay legal fees of Phoenix Couple harassed by police”

    1. Seriously?? Forget the trauma to the parents?? O_o even though there were small children there?!! Being held in their mothers arms while being told they’re going to be shot. Are you freakin kidding me with your comment?

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      1. You must not have children. They will pick something up and you don’t even realize it….from chewing gum to dolls. You have to constantly explain that you have to pay for it, it’s not free. They eventually get it.


    2. Did the cops use excessive force in this situation, yes: BUT the “family” shouldn’t have been stealing the father HELPED to scar HIS children by stealing WITH them. The doll MAY have been a mistake but HIS stealing was not


    1. Good morning.
      How terrifying for the kids. We teach our kids that if they are ever in trouble the police will help them but how will these kids feel towards policemen now? This was so fucked up.


      1. Good morning
        I agree. The kids will be traumatized. But they were judged based on the color of their skin. They treated them as if they robbed a bank or killed a mass number of people.


    1. Exactly. Especially over a something from the damn dollar store :Mad: was it really that serious? Oh yea they black. Smh


  1. Yea, Jay n his team are gonna go in on those cops and the police dept. They hit. Then that couple need to take that loot, pack camp and go somewhere else to live.


  2. The fact that the cops went so hardcore over $1 worth of “theft” is mind boggling. Seriously? You threaten me and my family, got my man laying on the ground all over a fucking $1.00??? :Mad: unfucking believable!!!


  3. States and cities are constantly giving away huge chunks of taxpayer money due to these types of heavy handed tactics. It doesn’t bother the cops any, it’s no skin off their backs. It’s not their money. smh dumb asses


  4. What ever…the po po did TOOOOO DAMN much……period point blank!!
    They drew down on them like they just robbed a bank and killed EVERYONE in it!!!


  5. This all could have been avoided if they didn’t steal!!! How the hell do you steal draws tho??? Y’all too busy making babies but cant even keep a clean pair of underwear in the house…Their child is picking up on bad habits they’ve exposed her to…Since this “incident” they have been pandering on the news for sympathy of the public…Im sick of seeing them on TV and that Amazonian police captain with that old ass hairdo…if they really wanna say something they need to lawyer up and have their attorney speak for them cause they come off like uneducated reckless fools…It doesn’t excuse the behavior of the police but I cant stand a thief…


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