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“There is something very wrong when you can’t be alone”

Wendy filed for divorce from her cheating husband Kevin Hunter in April and already she’s off the market. The 54-year-old talk show Diva is reportedly dating a 27-year-old up-and-coming fashion designer named Marc Tomblin.  Wendy went from being seen alone or in the company of her son and bodyguards to being spotted with a man young enough to be her son.

Rumors swirled that Wendy was romancing the young man, but she denied the rumors, saying the young man was just a friend.

Wendy reportedly met Marc while spending time on the West Coast with her new bestie, Blac Chyna.

Chyna has been accused of accepting $68,000 cash from unknown, wannabe rappers to “date” them for a few months. Social media users wonder if Wendy took a page from Chyna’s book by paying Marc to play his role for media and blog coverage. There doesn’t seem to be any chemistry between them.

Marc is described as a fashion designer but no one can find anything he’s designed.

When individuals enter relationships immediately after a breakup they’re either on the rebound, a mission or ego fulfilling.

Well Wendy always said “the best way to get over someone is to get under someone else!” Life is short and you only get one shot at it. Do you and enjoy,”

Time is needed to heal and when you don’t, you carry that same hurt and baggage into your next and future relationships. Love you before attempting to love someone else.

60 thoughts on ““There is something very wrong when you can’t be alone””

  1. After my divorce i did everything but lick a lizard balls because i was so hurt. Wendy is def going through it. Hell i did but at least there wasn’t a paper trail nor pictures of me and that goat. Sheesh!!

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  2. This guy looks like he might be Wendy’s local drug dealer. We are not stupid. I don’t want Wendy to end up dead behind this divorce and breakup. Men and relationships can be stressful. Never let a man stress you the hell out. 😡

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    1. Wendy is VERY HURT, and trying to relieve her pain! I think under other circumstances, she’s no different than Madonna or Cher!

      But, she’s treading in deep waters, he’s not only her sex toy, but to get her whatever she wants including DRUGS!

      If, she were to become non-responsive or overdose, would this ex-con be quick to call 911 with TMZ just waiting for a troubling call regarding Wendy!

      Would he think about what would be traced back to him or being accused of whatever?

      Hopefully, Wendy knows better than to take baths while outside of her sobriety! I wish her healing, peace, and joy!


  3. Wendy is acting out and going down the wrong road, the wrong road! Next she’ll be snatching off her wing and shaving her head!


  4. Wendy knew for years her husband had a mistress. The only reason why she got rid of him is because his mistress had a child and that was the deal breaker for her. That gurl is young and wanted to secure her bag. Both women have low self esteems cause there is no way I’d tolerate what both of them have and that’s sharing a man.

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  5. He’s obviously not interested in her for more than her $$$! She needs to go into long term therapy for her low self esteem issues. I’m sure old Kev emotionally and probably physically abused her for years. I hope she gets help!

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    1. Really? I think he’s a bandaid for a bleeding womb. A temporary fix. You can’t just roll over and immediately stop over someone. Especially after so many years of marriage

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  6. he is fine! have fun, lady. be safe. be smart. sometimes you want male company. their stature, physique, voice, smell, testosterone.


    1. Ain’t nothing poor about Wendy except them cankles that look like trunks. other than that, she’s good. 60 mil good. 🙂


  7. Time is needed to heal and when you don’t, you carry that same hurt and baggage into your next and future relationships. Love you before attempting to love someone else.

    Yes that part ^^^^^^

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  8. she is happy to! he knocking the dust off of that!! she ain’t never had something like that before..Kevin was giving his to someone else


  9. Y’all really think Wendy is in it for anything other than some young dick? Shes fresh out off a 20+ year BULLSHIT situation. Shes just trying to live her best stress free life. That lil shit with this dude is not serious.


    1. i don’t think so…why? because she has 60 mil? with that kind of money she can buy him and i’m sure she is okay with it! heck! i’m for sale to someone with 60 mil..she is living!!!!


  10. I can’t imagine what she must be going thru. Especially after spinning trash stories on so many celebrity couples throughout the years. Whitney must be doing cart wheels in her grave. This is def karma for Wendy but I wish her the best.


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