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Racist Who Dragged James Byrd to His Death Behind Pickup Truck to Be Executed is Tonight’s Conversation

JASPER, UNITED STATES: John William King (C) grins as he is led from the Jasper County Courthouse after a jury sentenced him to death in his capital murder trial 25 February. King and two other men dragged James Byrd Jr. to death behind a pickup truck in 1998.

21 years ago James Byrd’s gruesome death shocked the nation and devastated his family. Byrd was viciously killed by John William King and two accomplices in Jasper, Texas in 1998., now tonight the ringleader in that murder to set to be executed.

Today Wednesday April 24, King, 44, is scheduledย to be put to death by lethal injection in a Texas state prison.

King and his accomplices, Shawn Berry and Lawrence Brewer, encountered Byrd walking home after leaving a friend’s house in the early morning hours on June 7, 1998. Berry, who was driving, was familiar with Byrd from around town. He offered to drive Byrd home.

But instead of taking him home, the men took him to a secluded area on the outskirts of town. There they brutally beat him, and urinated and defecated on him before chaining him by the ankles to the back of their pickup truck.

They then dragged Byrd for nearly 3 miles along a paved road.

King and his accomplices are white. Byrd was Black. His death dominated the nation’s headlines for weeks and led to changes in the way local and federal governments prosecute hate crimes.

The details of Byrd’s murder are horrific and grueling but tonight we’re going to talk about it on “Conversations Of A Sistah“.

We hope you’ll join us in our studios at 6:30 p.m. ESTAll links in the this post will access tonight’s podcast.

Hope to see you on the air but in the meantime sound off here!

75 thoughts on “Racist Who Dragged James Byrd to His Death Behind Pickup Truck to Be Executed is Tonight’s Conversation”

    1. Good morning Fam
      Personally giving a killer the needle only puts him to sleep. No pain no suffering.
      But what about James Byrd ๐Ÿ˜ฅ he wasn’t given that choice. He died horribly. they should too.


    2. Morning Fam
      Whatz fucked up is we relive this horrible hate crime every time one of these racist fuckers go to the chair.
      Did they get them all?
      I hope so ๐Ÿ˜ก


    3. Hey Fam,
      Always remember: the Klan don’t always wear white sheets. Watch out for the Corporate Klan. Every high five–ain’t your friend.


    4. Happy Hump Day.
      I owe to James Byrd to tune into tonight’s show for every time it’s highlighted it’s an opportunity never to forget the horrible way this man was murdered.


    5. The hate in this crime was real!
      They ripped James Byrd to shreds by his flesh.

      May they all ROT in hell ๐Ÿ˜ก

      Morning Fam


  1. I remember this case well I was a sophomore in college when it happened. Horrible, horrible way to die. I don’t understand how they live with no conscious knowing that they took this man’s life for no reason.


  2. Tracy thank you for staying on this story. I never knew about this gruesome murder. I was only 9 years old back in 1998. Injection is too good for this racist bum. RIP to Mr. Byrd.

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  3. They should torture his ass and do the same things to him that they did to that poor man…..why is it 21 years later that he is being executed???? Texas got a back log like that??? FOH!!! Damn shame

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  4. That man died an absolute gruesome death.. when I first read about it, I literally cried.. we all know how bad RUG BURN hurt.. so just imagine your flesh being purposely drug along concrete for hundreds of yards.. maybe even miles. Itโ€™s just sick.. idk how this man didnโ€™t die in prison already

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  5. Hating people for the color of their skin is still the dumbest thing created. Now, disliking people for their actions or stupidity is something else.


  6. I remember this like it was yesterday. My Lord they tortured this man. My heart aches just thinking of the agony and pain Mr. Byrd was in. This right here is what evil looks like.

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  7. What’s messed up is that they hate themselves more than this dude. Why would you throw your freedom and life away for something senseless. Dumb or stupid๐Ÿค”


  8. Really such a painful way to die. They need give them (the ones alive) the same death penalty being dragged miles while cuffed to the back of a truck. They should give this type of punishment for pedos/rapists, and people who commit horrific crimes


  9. Lethal injection my foot. Fry his ass. Whyte peeple commit crimes way different than us. He looks like the sick bastard that he is. I hope they change their mind and fry his ass and forget to use Crisco.

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  10. Every time somebody tells me the death penalty is immoral, I think of the James Byrd case. In this situation, the death penalty is 100% deserved and absolutely the moral thing to do.

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  11. This is ridiculous!!
    They should’ve killed his racist ass long time ago.
    A Hate Crime? Drug Out 20 Years??’
    Tracy you sounded so somber on last nights show. ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

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  12. I heard the show – but for those who haven’t, take a read of the below:

    They then sprayed Byrd’s face with black paint and chained him by the ankles to the gray truck and dragged him down The Tram Road before turning left on to Huff Creek Road.

    Autopsy results showed Byrd was still alive for roughly half the trip before his head struck a culvert.

    His elbows, knees and backside were skinned to the bone. His genitals were ground away totally.

    The three men then dumped his headless body outside a church cemetery and drove off to a barbecue.

    The body was discovered some eight hours later, missing not only the skull but also its right arm.

    A woman living on Huff Creek Road discovered the head and arm in a ditch outside her home. Police followed a brown trail of dried blood from the cemetery to the woman’s house and then up The Tram Road.

    They discovered 81 separate pieces of Byrd’s body along the road. Where the blood trail ended they discovered items including Byrd’s wallet, a Kiss CD, a broken beer bottle, a wrench with the word ‘Berry’ scrawled on it and a cigarette lighter etched with a triangular Ku Klux Klan symbol and the word ‘Possum’ โ€” King’s prison nickname.


    1. A coward to the end..it was disgusting what he did..that poor man died a horrific death yet this coward had another 21 years of life. Death penalty should mean just that and ok I understand they can appeal.. but 21 YEARS???.. Lucifer has stoked his fires for this piece of shit


    2. Executions of death penalty should take 21 days not 21 years. They had to be protecting him in prison because I’m surprised he lasted until execution.

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