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RIP: Rapper Nipsey Hussle Shot Dead outside of his L.A. store

The rapper known as Nipsey Hussle was shot dead at 3:20 p.m. local time in Los Angeles on Sunday, the LAPD confirmed. The 33-year-old hip-hop entrepreneur was one of three men shot in what police are saying, was a gang-related incident outside his clothing store in the Hyde Park neighborhood of South Los Angeles.

Nipsey was pronounced dead on arrival at a Los Angeles hospital just before 4 p.m. He was 33. The other two victims are in stable condition, police said.

Witnesses say a lone gunman pumped six bullets into the rapper as he stood with two bodyguards outside his Marathon clothing store in a strip mall on Slauson Avenue.

There are reports that Nipsey tried to run from his killer who shot him in the back of the head at close range.

The gunman fled in a waiting getaway vehicle. He is described as a Black male in his 20s. There was no description of the getaway driver, although witnesses say the driver was a female.

Nipsey’s fans say he was more than just a gang banger with a record deal. Nipsey tried to make a difference in a neighborhood that saw more than its fair share of bloodshed and gang violence.

He owned the Marathon Clothing Company “smart store”, where shoppers could use an app to peruse the store stock. He also owned The Marathon Agency, SC Commercial Ventures and Proud 2 Pay.

In 2010, he founded All Money In No Money Out Records, which debuted his mixtape “The Marathon”.

In 2013, he released his fifth mixtape “Crenshaw”, which sold more than 1,000 cassettes at $100 apiece. The unheard of price per cassette made headlines in the mainstream press.

His last – and most critically acclaimed – album Victory Lap was nominated for a Grammy at the 2019 Grammy Awards. He lost to culture vulture rapper Cardi B, whose career was canceled after she admitted drugging and robbing Black men.

As news spread of Nipsey’s execution, it didn’t take long for the conspiracy theories to kick into high gear.

Many accused pharmaceutical companies of hiring a hit man to kill the rapper to stop his documentary about Alfredo Bowman, aka Dr. Sebi.

The controversial “holistic healer” was arrested and accused of practicing medicine without a license in the 1980s. Dr. Sebi claimed his miracle potions and tonics could cure cancer and AIDS, but his claims were debunked by the medical community.

25 thoughts on “RIP: Rapper Nipsey Hussle Shot Dead outside of his L.A. store”

    1. Nipsey went back and was killed by the very people he tried to help
      Not likely but they want it look that way


  1. from what i’m hearing and reading all over the net, it sounds like the shooter just rolled up on him and his body guard. That bodyguard wasn’t alert. that or he was in on it. 😡

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  2. So so sad!! So tragic he was murdered outside of his own store. Something in the water aint clean. This man was trying to make a difference in his community. Condolences to all his loved ones. RIP Nip


      1. you’re right though. It is much easier to blame it on “gang banging” than it is to believe that the higher ups had a hand in his demise. They will never find the patsy OR if they do, it’ll be some random guy they find (like ole boy they found to pin the murder of J Hudson’s fam) and that will be it.

        Hell, when I saw “33” years old, I knew it was a hit.


  3. I don’t think this was gang related … I believe someone was paid to kill this young man … now whether a gang member was paid to make it look gang related remains to be seen

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  4. Unfortunately not a smart move to keep moving around in the hood w/o security… ARMED security … he was working on a documentary for dr sebi …. someone had him killed in my opinion whether it was the music business or the documentary … My heart goes out to his children family friends and fans

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    1. Word.
      This man should’ve been taken in back doors with heavy security.
      I don’t know if Sbei did all that he claimed but I do believe he found out some things that could have really crippled the Master Dope Dealers.

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  5. Not believing the false narrative that it was gang related. Demographic is key and this blog should not promote such nonsense.

    Nipsey was assassinated by big pharma whether a black man pulled the trigger or not. 😡 Rest Easy to Nip!

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  6. I’m reading that alot. I did not know how far and wide he was admired. It’s starting to look like it was a contract killing related to his documentary on Dr. Sebi. I put nothing past government and controlling entities.

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  7. This is sad 😪I never heard of this rapper until now. Sounds like he was doing great things…in his last tweet he said he had enemies. Strong enemies. Guess those same enemies took his life.😓


  8. He was murdered the day before he was going to meet with the newish police chief and Steve Soboroff, a member of the civilian police commission and an influential community member for many years. How infuriating it is if he was killed by someone who did not want him speaking to the chief. Smh


  9. Sometimes negroes are murdered by negroes who hate what they have. How dare this negro try and move pasts our foolishness no conspiracy needed. Sometimes its just that.

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    1. Jealousy. The killer had a beef with Nipsey. Nipsey asked him to leave his store. Told him and his GF never to come back. So dude came back and shot him.


  10. social media is changing how people think….alot of passive aggressive behavior…..cyber bulling…..fragile egos….subliminal negative messages…narcissism….


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