Govt Shutdown

Trump LOSES Power Struggle to Pelosi; No SOTU Address Until After Gov’t Shutdown Ends

President Donald Trump folded like a cheap lawn chair after Nancy Pelosi pulled the ultimate power play in their dispute over the location of his State of the Union Address.

President Trump agreed to postpone his address after Pelosi drafted a letter informing him she would not allow him to hold his State Of The Union address in the House Chamber. Pelosi, 79, is the Speaker of the House.

In her letter Pelosi asked President Trump to reschedule his address until after the partial government shutdown ends.

The shutdown is now in its 5th week – the longest government shutdown in US history. 800,000 federal workers are furloughed without pay.

There appears to be no end in sight for the shutdown, as both sides refuse to surrender to the other side’s demands.

7 thoughts on “Trump LOSES Power Struggle to Pelosi; No SOTU Address Until After Gov’t Shutdown Ends”

  1. Trump is full of shit!!!
    Why is he not speaking on the terrorist already here on US soil, they were born here and raised here, they are American terrorists he is I believe trying to stall the government because they are closing in on him and he’s getting closer to impeachment and or jail time.


  2. This has nothing to do with a wall. The government shut down is about Trump keeping the FBI and federal courts non operational so they can’t wholly get back to work going after the president and his son. We all know the media reports indicating the president’s son was expected to be indicted any day.


  3. Trump wouldn’t let her stop him, no president would allow a change of venue to derail addressing the nation, during such a turbulent time for many Americans!

    Trump has nothing new to report, there is no resolve in sight, people are losing over a wall that won’t be built ASAP, and it’s effectiveness, quite questionable, if not ridiculous when they keep finding tunnels, and many entering through other means!

    Another day, and no dollars for a lot of people!


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