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Our Year In Review, Tonight on “Conversations of A Sistah”

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The year 2018 is coming to a close quiet rapidly. And we have had some interesting conversations this year!

We talked about …Why black people don’t support black businesses with Mr. Daryl Harris of 4 Kings Art Gallery in Paterson, NJ. We sat down in the studios with Music Mogul ‘Mathew Knowles in March and discussed his book, ‘The DNA of Achievers’. We also had in our studios, singer, songwriter, Tawatha Agee….But what was our hottest conversation of 2018.

Join our host Ms. Tracy L. Bell at 6:30 p.m. EST on “Conversations Of A Sistah” via blog talk talk radio, for our year in review.

All “links” in this post will access tonight’s show.

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