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Men Hide Your Women! Pastor Jamal Bryant is Headed to NBMBC in Atlanta!!!

Embattled prosperity preacher Jamal Bryant is heading to Atlanta. Bryant has accepted an offer to become senior pastor at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church, outside of Atlanta.

Bryant, the controversial pastor at the Empowerment Temple AME Church in Baltimore, MD., will take over as spiritual leader at New Birth in Lithonia, Georgia. The megachurch, which boasts 10,000 members, was founded by Bishop Eddie Long who died from an aggressive form of cancer in 2017.

A former NAACP youth director, Bryant, 47, was a civil rights leader in Baltimore. He led protests after the shooting death of Trayvon Martin in Florida.

But Bryant’s personal life has been the source of rampant gossip and blog fodder for years.

Bryant was shamed publicly in 2016 after he allegedly fathered a baby with a member of his flock.

LaToya Odom claims Bryant is the father of her son. Odom says she was pressured to abort the beautiful baby boy, whom Bryant refused to see.

At the time, Bryant was still married to reality TV star Gizelle Bryant, one of the stars of Real Housewives of Potomac. The Bryants share 3 daughters.

Bryant was also accused of fathering a child with a 17-year-old woman while married to Gizelle.

In her divorce filing, Gizelle accused the randy pastor of adultery, cruelty, and “excessive vicious conduct” that caused “unreasonable apprehension of bodily suffering so as to render cohabitation unsafe,” according to an article in The Sun newspaper.

Bryant was also widely criticized for his flashy materialistic lifestyle, which included a Bentley and a multi-million-dollar Canton waterfront property.

Bryant later admitted his infidelity and begged his congregation for forgiveness.

He told congregants during his three sermons on Sunday that he is leaving for a new position in Atlanta.

He will preach his final sermon at the Empowerment Temple on Dec. 2.

82 thoughts on “Men Hide Your Women! Pastor Jamal Bryant is Headed to NBMBC in Atlanta!!!”

    1. Can afford him? actually they can’t afford him. can’t afford the scandal and the tons of women he will be bedding in that flock. i see deeper child support payments in his future

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    2. If he don’t bring in anyone else, he is sure to bring in some women. They will flock to see/check him out by the millions


  1. Why would anyone invite this man to take over their flock? He obviously has issues contrary to biblical standards and don’t get me wrong we’re all human but ministers and bishops are held to a higher standard 😐


  2. Bryant later admitted his infidelity and begged his congregation for forgiveness.
    Yup they forgave him and continued to make him rich. 😏Smh


    1. Exactly!!!
      I know ministers are human and deserves forgiveness. You might get it from me but not my trust, i don’t want you to lead no ministry i attend. A zebra doesn’t changes its stripes.


    1. Bobby let me school you on something and don’t you ever 4get it….the more you claim to reject da pussy. The more its thrown and slung at you


  3. I’m so surprised that women seriously fall for these pimpin pastors. I’m also surprised that folks look at pastors as spiritual saviors. Pastors getting rich, riding around in lux cars wearing beautiful clothes and flashing flawless bling while their congregation struggle to pay the bills and keep up with their tithes… smh… I’d rather go straight to the source. I don’t need a pastor to do it for me. The preacher man couldn’t lead me out of a paper bag…


  4. Shame on the folks of Georgia who waste time going there, catching whatever spirits he casts upon them whenever he lay hands. For no man or woman can possibly serve 2 masters or types of gods at the same time. -birds of a feather will gather together & say Amen.😂😂😂


  5. Hmmm sheep’s 🐑 still support these people. Smh Gizelle Bryant Must maintain her lifestyle from the offering of the poor people. 😥 unreal


  6. Ain’t no way I would follow a pastor like this. I use to go to church regularly now I hardly go. The church is the people not a building.


  7. I think this was a terrible desperate move…ESPECIALLY with both New Birth and Jamal Bryant’s history..smh. I have my own personal relationship with GOD…I stay out of these churches.


  8. I don’t understand why a church would delegate and have a person, with such a rumored background, take over as a facilitator of any church. Just by his looks, poise, and appearance, you can see “cha ching” written all over his a$$.
    He is mumbling underneath his breath ” I’m rich, BEOTCH.” 😆


  9. What I find quite astounding is how these men can do anything under the son, damage women’s lives, but women will hold them down, no matter what!

    I get why men turn a blind eye because a lot of so-called Christian men would make you vomit if their dirt was on public display!

    I grew up in the church, around ministry, and from a child didn’t get how they can stand before people, and be so dirty and low-down!

    He can have Eddie Long’s former church, those people were delusional about him, so this is a great fit for them, Jamal, another no-moral, no-class con man!!

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    1. sounds like you’ve seen it all. Does anything compare to Tracy’s book “Conversations Of A Sistah” because that pastor she spoke of was a sneaky WHORE!!! 😆


  10. It’s just questionable that the church would hire a pastor who’s not married… especially somebody like him who’s had his sexual scandals in the past. We know how the church groupies can be in the black church if the pastor is single, decent looking, prosperous, and charismatic. Now JHB is going to have all these “Georgia Peaches” batting their eyelashes, and trying to get his attention every Sunday morning.


    1. Good morning ladies:
      I find it odd that Jamal Bryant founded his own church (Empowerment Temple) in B’More but yet he is leaving his flock for another church in the ATL. Something smells in B’More.

      A few years ago I heard the board members were looking into his finances for possibly dipping into church funds when he got all those women pregnant. But he stayed on and now he’s leaving the church he founded under a veil. Uh uh. It’s probably another scandal that has been swept under the carpet i.e., another baby with a congregant, bathroom sex during tithes and passing the collection plate.. I don’t know but something is being covered up as to why he is really leaving.

      So we’ll but then again it may never be revealed.


      1. You are right there might be scandal behind him but it was Jamal’s father who founded Empowerment not Jamal. Just like in “Conversations Of A Sistah that pastor fucked up the church his father founded. When something is handed to you, you’re more likely to fuck it up.😐🙄😏


      2. Jamal Bryant founded the church in 2000. If you go to Empowerment Temple’s website it list him as the pastor and founder, not his dad.


    2. Hey Everybody…Good morning
      Happy Thanksgiving
      All this laying it low and spreading it wide…people better still be getting tested.


  11. Mother’s and Father’s hide your young sons and daughter’s. This nasty dick negro is coming to town. He’s going to the right place to…….New Birth Missionary Baptist Church…he’ll be making unwanted and unnecessary babies there. SMDH.


  12. Of all the available preachers, they couldn’t have found one who didn’t have scandal attached to him? I’m trying to be “nice” and diplomatic about it, but it’s hard. Let’s just say this choice is definitely questionable to me.


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