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“The Biggest threat in this country are white men” on “Conversations Of A Sistah”

CNN’s Don Lemon said it just a couple of weeks ago, that the “biggest terror threat in this country are white men” and Thursday morning in CA a 28 year-old ex-marine vet walked into a bar and grill on country music night and killed twenty eight individuals, some of whom were college students.

Lemon went on to say the “evidence is overwhelming” and that the statement is true”. So we’re going to put emotions aside and look at the cold hard facts on “Conversations Of A Sistah“.

Lemon went on to say “We don’t need to worry about people who are thousands of miles away. The biggest threats are homegrown. The facts prove that.” and “yes” unfortunately it does.

Join Host Tracy L. Bell at 6:30 p.m. EST on “Conversations Of A Siistah” for her commentary “Are white men the biggest terror threat in this country?”

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29 thoughts on ““The Biggest threat in this country are white men” on “Conversations Of A Sistah””

  1. If you’ve never believed in anything before, you best to get to believing in SOMETHING. The times are strange and very Dark.


    1. Adrianne,
      The Democratic win means a deadlocked Congress with Republicans in control of the Senate and Democrats in the lower chamber and is a setback for the Trump administration, which is likely to face an onslaught of congressional investigations. Even before the election, House Democrats had begun preparing a flurry of hearings, subpoena and inquires into nearly every aspect of Daffy Duck, and his
      white House.


  2. The media is trying to make excuses for the shooter but his neighbors said he was behaving oddly before he even entered the military. They said he wrote “death” as his goal in his high school yearbook. smfh.


  3. funny how these white boys always get diagnosed as “misunderstood”, “sick”, “mentally unstable”, “suffering from (fill in the blank)” yet black folks are always labeled “thugs”.


  4. #1…white folks hate each other. When the mass shootings or serial killings by them happen, WHO THE FUK are typically killed?
    #2…in no way, shape or form are whites superior over anyone…even they know this.
    #3…they are demons who love to inflict pain and suffering because they always WANT what others have….which proves my point. NO OTHER people on the planet are worse barbaric savages than whites.


      1. Oh none taken. I agree if it were black men in these circumstances trust n believe it would be a different story.


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