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Thanksgiving came early

It was a family thing on Sunday as we were invited to this Queens home for dinner. This is always an invitation you don’t want to miss when summons to Queen Mamie’s inner court of kitchen and dining. Why? Because this woman can cook!!!!

Known for her tradition of cooking, she always captures the moment and opportunity to gather family and friends around her table of good fixing which is always prepared to perfection and with love.

Although we witnessed part of the meal prep on Saturday nothing compared to the finishing touches met well with taste. When I tell you Thanksgiving came early, please believe me. The shock of it all was met with delight. There was Turkey, gravy, stuffing (to freaking die for), mac and cheese, corn, okra, cabbage, string beans garnished with garlic, yams, corn bread, rolls and pound cake for dessert.

Now anyone who knows soul food, knows that stuffing a.k.a dressing and mac and cheese is pretty much a standard part of the fixings. But Queen Mamie’s dressing and mac and cheese was stacked and layered like a cake and was mouth watering upon taste.

I have never had dressing the way this woman made her dressing yesterday!! The hint of walnuts chopped fine in the mix toppled with her gravy, had me kissing her hands at the taste of such perfection. Each vegetable danced to its own taste, as her cabbage chopped so fine you would miss it when it was met with her string beans that folded to perfection as the garlic garnished danced on-top.

My mom said yesterday “We are all so blessed” knowing women who use their gifts and talents in the kitchen like Queen Mamie to gather friends and family with the love of food, they so effortlessly cook.

The gathering was lovely, the fellowship was real, now can you imagine what her kitchen is like when Thanksgiving day is actually here?

Hail to the Queen she shines all year!!!

56 thoughts on “Thanksgiving came early”

  1. Boy this generation today need to learn how to cook like this Queen Tra. These grandmama’s who cooked the big Sunday meals with desserts plus baked cookies are gone. These new age heifers too busy twerking and clubbing.

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  2. LOL!!! πŸ˜†
    Trace you good cause if ya mouth don’t water while you reading the post/write-up its damn sure gone water from seeing the pics. LOL!!! πŸ˜† No ham? ok


  3. Boy that’s that sop you up with a biscuit kinda gravy. πŸ˜† me and that gravy can really do some thangs πŸ˜† that okra and them strings bean are shining. WoW!!!! that looks good! Hats off to Queen Mamie


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